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It’s a shame Jesse Eisenberg never signed up to Facebook

On the 10th anniversary of The Social Network, we ask the actor for his thoughts on technology, Hollywood and Zuck’s decas horribilis

Why is it a shame Jesse Eisenberg never got Facebook? Because Facebook sees everything. Hell, Facebook remembers everything, too, which is even scarier when you think about it. Every post you make. Every photo you take. Every person who accepts every friend request you send. And it stores all of this information in a neat little feature called, rather nostalgically and not sinisterly at all; ‘Memories’.

And then, every day if you ask it too, your little blue app will take a digital deep dive back along your timeline and dredge up some embarrassing, depressing or just incredibly mundane titbit from your past to show you.

Although Jesse Eisenberg’s Facebook Memories wouldn’t be boring at all — especially not this year. If Jesse Eisenberg was on Facebook, he’d be getting constant notifications at the moment. And that’s because, a decade ago this year, The Social Network was released.

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