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Is it time you discovered your signature scent?

Every gentleman should have at least one. To help you find yours, explore Floris’ Signature Collection For Him with our special video

Do you have a signature fragrance? Many men do, and will buy or be gifted the same bottle year after year, perhaps decade after decade. These men are by no means unadventurous – far from it. They know who they are, what they like and their scent is as much a part of their identity as their passport.

Then there are those of us who change with the weather, with a selection of favourite fragrances either on rotation or to suit any occasion. Perhaps you prefer something fresh and citrusy by day, before turning to a muskier or woodier scent after the sun’s gone down.

Or perhaps you have absolutely no idea what you’re spritzing. You recall unwrapping the clear bottle on Christmas morning and pick it up each day but, if someone were to ask you what you were wearing, you’re more likely to shrug and joke, “It’s just my natural scent.”

Whoever you are, now is the perfect time of year to discover your next signature scent. And we don’t just mean because Christmas is around the corner and you can start dropping hints. #NewYearNewMe might be the death of us all come January 1st, but you don’t have to grow yourself a set of abs or sell your worldly goods and become a yoga instructor to make a big change.

A good fragrance is a powerful thing – an invisible part of your personality that those who encounter you will remember, moreso than you might think. So who will you be in 2019?

The Signature Collection For Him by Floris, the iconic British perfumers, is an exquisite curation of five of their timeless eau de toilettes. From elegant and floral to bold and woody, there’s a signature fragrance for every gentleman and we invite you to explore this classic collection with a short video you can watch at the top of the page.

Find your fragrance on the Floris website or by visiting their flagship Jermyn Street store. Perhaps you’ll leave your trusted clove and cardamom favourite behind in 2018 and welcome the new year with Floris’ JF or Special No. 127, both refreshing and invigorating with notes of bergamot. Where JF has a more muskier and masculine character in its underscore, Special No.127 has a lighter heart of lavender and geranium.

If you’re looking to find a warmer, smokier or woodier fragrance, Santal and Elite, both also included in the Signature Collection For Him, would be the ideal addition to your Christmas wish list.

Distinctive, contemporary and inspired by a Sandalwood scent from the 1800s, Santal is full of warm spices, which merge with lavender and oriental base notes of vanilla and musk. Elite, on the other hand, is an elegant scent, where the woody notes are punctuated with a citrus twist of lemon and orange.

And last but by no means least is the iconic No. 89, the same classic fragrance favoured by James Bond creator Ian Fleming. If you’re looking for something traditional, with warming top notes of orange and bergamot and base notes of cedarwood and vetiver, this is the perfect scent for the person looking to encapsulate the quintessential English gentleman.

With thanks to: Emma Willis (shirt), Gieves & Hawkes (suit), Louis Vuitton (watch), Luca Faloni (Gym Gear) & Wheely (Chauffer) 

Is it time you discovered your signature scent?

The Floris Signature Collection For Him

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