Introducing the new Jaguar F-Type

A car of true character and poise, we take the British carmaker’s latest to the Cotswolds

On the wild frontiers of innovation, smaller is almost always better. The silicon chip is powerful only because it is tiny; smartphones are little more than shrunken supercomputers. Power grows as dimensions shrink. The same might now be said of the new Jaguar F-Type. The latest 2.0-litre version looks, on the outside, to have the same heft as the previous model. But underneath the bonnet it’s a different story.

The original F-Type was unveiled with serious pomp in 2013. The coupé came equipped with a choice of throaty V6 and V8 engines — a beautiful car touted as the E-Type for a new generation. Both power plants offered an exhilarating exhaust note of crackles and pops — something akin to a Spitfire pulling out of a victory roll. It was the perfect soundtrack for any journey.

Now, in a bid to help save the planet, Jaguar’s slower, lower-price version of the F-Type has been loaded with a modest four-cylinder engine that’s frugal, cleaner and zippily turbocharged. In comparison to the V6, it sounds more like a balsa wood aeroplane wound up with an elastic band.

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