Introducing the Gentleman’s Journal Summer Digital Edition

Whether you’re sitting on a sun lounger or taking your lunch break, here’s how to enjoy the hottest stories and features from our latest magazine this summer…

Here at Gentleman’s Journal, we’re big enough to acknowledge our shortcomings. And one of those shortcomings — come summer, at least — is that we are rather big. With almost 200 story-stuffed, perfectly-printed pages in our latest magazine, the Summer 2022 issue of Gentleman’s Journal is a hefty bit of kit. 

And, while this weight bears its fair share of juicy morsels, from an interview with Tom Hiddleston to the tasting notes of extreme-aged steak, the sheer tonnage of our magazine makes it particularly difficult to take with you on your travels. True, it’s lavishly large enough to outstrip and outlive any coffee table book — it’s just not very conducive to your carry-on. 

Happily, taking shortcuts is not one of our shortcomings. And that’s why – just in time for your far-flung summer travels — we’ve digitised the hottest stories and features from our latest magazine, and unveiled a virtual edition of the issue; one that’s perfect for poolside reading, and won’t take up any room in your suitcase.

Interactive, dynamic, free-flowing and intuitive, it’s a new, living, breathing way for us to bring you our beautiful articles. You can flick through it like the magazine, scroll around it like our website and dive headfirst into additional, extra content — including videos, podcasts and many more digital-only delicacies.

There’s a glimpse behind-the-scenes of our sun-soaked, cricket-themed summer style shoot. There’s a cherry-picked selection of our best, brief ‘Portfolio’ pieces; from Mike Tyson’s top reads to the best driving loafers for August roadtrips. There’s a real roadtrip, too — with never-before-seen video footage of the Gentleman’s Journal ‘North Coast 500’ journey supercharging our latest issue’s photographic coverage.

Elsewhere, you’ll find interviews with singer-songwriter George Ezra, entrepreneur David Grutman and restaurant virtuoso Juan Santa Cruz — as well as an extended version of our thoroughly British cover story with Loki star Tom Hiddleston. 

Also, if you’re inspired to buy any of the excellent products we’ve reviewed and recommended in this issue — from a selection of vintage-styled cameras to the finest fabric-strapped watches — our digital edition makes it easier than ever to add these buys to your basket. There’s even an assortment of the best beautiful lakeside homes currently on the market, if you’re looking to extend your summertime travels. 

Because that’s the best part. Thanks to the Gentleman’s Journal Digital Edition, you can still bring us along on your lazy, hazy holidays without worrying about leaving a truly marvellous magazine on someone else’s sun lounger. You can flick through the latest issue’s pages by the pool without fear of splashing that paper stock. And, once you’ve devoured the lot (smartphone in one hand; Sangria in the other) you can share your favourite articles simply, with just the tap of a button. Happy reading, gents. 

Introducing the Gentleman’s Journal Summer Digital Edition

Gentleman's Journal Digital Edition

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