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Introducing Cudoni, the luxury service selling high-end fashion

Looking to ensure your luxury goods find a worthy new home?

Ever glanced around your wardrobe and seen an old designer suit, or thought how much that watch you never wear may be worth? These items, that deserve a better home, but are a little too nice for eBay, have always had a hard time finding the best new owners. Until now.

Enter Cudoni. Based in London, young entrepreneur James Harford-Tyrer’s luxury resale service re-launched in May last year, and has seen a 10-fold growth in sales in the past six months, with a new round of £425,000 investment agreed just ahead of the new year.

What is Cudoni?

Cudoni focuses on reselling high-quality, luxury items from a range of categories such as fashion, accessories and consumer electronics. Unlike its competitors, the brand offers a VIP service to all customers, which includes valuations of their goods, pick-up and delivery, listings, professional photography and sales.

And that’s not to mention the fact that the brand utilises extensive market research and in-house developed algorithms to secure a higher sales price for its customers, securing on average 30% more than if customers were to sell the items themselves.

How does it work?

You begin by fishing out those old designer goods and luxury items, and telling Cudoni – over the phone, online or by email – what you want to sell. Their dedicated team of luxury and fashion experts will also help you make decisions on what to sell.

"Cudoni focuses on reselling high-quality, luxury items from a range of categories..."

Once you’ve decided what you want to sell, a Cudoni team member will pick up your item at a time and place convenient for you – and package it for you as well. The sales experts will come back to you within 5 working days with your valuations/sales estimates.

Items are authenticated, professionally photographed and priced, before being listed for sale across a range of online and offline channels – exposing them to millions of potential global buyers. Upon being sold, the items are posted, and the team get confirmation from the buyer that they are happy with their purchase. Your money is then securely transferred to a bank account – or charity – of your choice.

Why choose Cudoni?

Aside from the remarkable ease of the process, thanks to Cudoni’s extensive global market research and valuation algorithms used to analyse your items, they on average sell members’ luxury items for at least 30 per cent more than if you were to sell the item yourself.

“To further improve the experience for new and existing customers, we plan to invest in our team and in new technologies,” said founder Harford-Tyrer about the new investment. “This includes recruiting seven new team members, adding adjacent services, such as launching buyer functionality to our platform, and reducing required item processing time and consumer input, to maximise ease of use.”

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