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Blue check jacket CC160 (£2,100), White shirt (£275), Off white jeans (£350)

How to tailor your summer holiday wardrobe

Smarten up without getting too hot under the collar with tips from sartorial experts Clements and Church...

When it comes to packing for your summer holidays, some boxes are easier to tick than others: Monogrammed beach towel – tick; vintage Ray-bans – tick; swim shorts modelled on Bond himself – tick.

What to pack for the more formal occasions is another matter entirely. Smartening up for that dinner party at the villa or drinks on the terrace requires a little sartorial know-how to avoid sweating up a storm. Nobody wants to look like they’ve come straight from a dip in the pool…

To help you bring more tailoring into your summer holiday style, we looked to the experts at Clements & Church for a few tips and how to’s…

How to make shorts more formal

How to tailor your summer holiday wardrobe
Navy houndstooth jacket CC178 (£2,250), White Chambray shirt (£275), Navy cotton shorts (£350), Navy suede sneakers (£350)

Formal? Shorts? Tell your eyebrows to stand at ease. While we wouldn’t suggest getting your knees out for dinner with the parents, summer holiday drinks are the perfect window of opportunity.

‘Don’t shy away from a jacket and short combo,” says Clements & Church head tailor Ian Roper. “An unconstructed jacket can really create a cool, smarter casual look for those hot summer events, ensuring comfort and style’

Team your tailored shorts with a summer-weight cotton or linen jacket and a white shirt for a smarter look.

How to do summer smart-casual

How to tailor your summer holiday wardrobe
Green Jacket CC162 (£2,100), Jersey shirt (£275), Off-white jeans (£350)

For an immediate sense of formality, Roper recommends adding a double-breasted jacket to your look – “They embody a sophisticated and elegant style.”

But don’t just throw it on any old way – it’s a daring look to approach with caution. Juxtapose a boucle cloth with a structured style and team with jeans and sneakers.

How to keep cool in shirts

How to tailor your summer holiday wardrobe
Camel stripe shirt (£275), Off-white jeans (£350)

It goes without saying that short-sleeved shirts are not an option here. Forget about it. Choose long-sleeved, fine cotton shirts in stripes and roll the sleeves to the elbows when the sun shines.

If you want to play with colour, Clements & Church suggest sticking to only one bold colour for your whole look. Keep everything else neutral cream or white to make the colour pop.

How to choose the right print

How to tailor your summer holiday wardrobe
Palm print shirt (£275)

Leave the loud, Hawaiian shirts at home. When it comes to prints, the vintage look is king.

If the print is busy, go for tonal shades to avoid looking too retro. Opt for a 50s style palm print in muted blues to add a ‘Summer in Portofino’ vibe. 

How to tailor your summer holiday wardrobe

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