Where to find the best coffee in the world

If you take your morning cup seriously, these are the destinations where you should be waking up

There are several places around the world synonymous with good coffee. From Italy, who named many of the most iconic serves, to Turkey, who’s coffee is so dark and rich that it is the favourite style of many who live miles from the country, the world knows hundreds of great cups.

But where are the best? We’ve rounded up five of the greatest cafes for coffee in the world, and suggested where you should stay nearby in order to be the first in for your morning mug.

Italy: Sciascia Caffe, Rome

Located nearby the Vatican, Sciascia Caffe is famed for having the best coffee in Rome, and arguably all of Italy. An amazing smell pervades the establishment – and the Macchiato will leave you feeling as Italian – and awake – as you possibly could.

Stay at: The Inn at the Roman Forum. To really get into the Italian way of life, this courtyard-boasting hotel is a must. Hidden behind the Colosseum, it is quiet, sleepy and incredibly cool. At the entrance, a passageway leads you to a Cryptoporticus; an exquisite stone gallery with engravings that can be traced back to 2,000 years ago – and it doesn’t get much more Roman than that.

Greece: Taf Coffee, Athens

Greek coffee is a strong brew, so not for the faint of heart. Served with foam on the top, and not spare of grounds on the bottom, the best place in this Mediterranean country for a cup is Taf Coffee – a third wave coffee shop that, whilst being a bit hipster, won’t let you down where it matters; in the mug.

Stay at: Electra Metropolis Athens. In the heart of the city, and recently refurbished, the Electra is a modern hotel in a classical style. Wooden floors, spectacular views and a innovative approach to traditional hospitality will ensure a top stay in a top city – and the 10th floor roof garden and bar doesn’t do bad coffee, either.

USA: BÚÐIN NYC, New York City

Now this is obviously a matter of opinion – perhaps more so than any of the countries and cities that have come before. But Budin, with their innovation and attention to both quality and detail, are definitely up there. Try a liquorice latte, or another of the Scandinavian sourced cups on the coffee menu.

Stay at: The Williams. Brooklyn’s newest full-service hotel may sound a little too tame for those nights fuelled by coffee, but you’d be hard-pushed to find a better place in Brooklyn to hang your hat. Set on a 15,000 sq ft promenade, there is art, dining, a pool, a ball pool and bar, too.

Turkey: Petra Roasting Co, Istanbul

Located near Istanbul’s business district, Petra is tasked with supplying coffee to the high-flying and high-earning of Turkey – although there’s little business-like about the venue itself. With artisanal hand-roasted beans, the huge venue also sells vintage and antique goods, and has an art gallery tucked away inside.

Stay at: The Four Seasons Istanbul at the Bosphorus. A little out of the centre, this achic city retreat is a converted Ottoman palace on the glorious seafront, surrounded by indigo waters and mountaintops. A spa and fine dining mean you have plenty to enjoy on site – and that coffee from Petra will give you enough day hours to enjoy every minute of your stay.

Kenya: Artcaffe, Nairobi

A lifestyle and social hub, Artcaffe has adopted the European way of making and enjoying coffee, then supercharged it with native Kenyan Arabica coffee beans. Alongside freshly baked artisanal bread this is simple eating and drinking – but incredibly nonetheless.

Stay at: Hemingway’s Nairobi. Consistently rated as one of the best hotels in Kenya, this 45-room boutique hotel is the height of luxury. A dedicated butler will wait on your, and the beach and the bush meet on the huge resort. A truly iconic African location in which to enjoy some of the best coffee in the world.

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