Experience the best in European Christmas at Maasmechelen Village

From French-influenced fashion to the best in Belgian cuisine, this Brussels-based shopping destination is the perfect place to spend your Euros this festive season

There’s nowhere better than Belgium when it comes to Christmas. With French, Dutch and German influences across its 12,000 square miles, it’s a kingdom that spends the festive season cherry-picking the very best of Europe’s Christmas traditions and customs.

And Maasmechelen Village, a boutique shopping destination one hour from Antwerp, Brussels, Düsseldorf and Cologne, is the ideal place to experience this festive farrago.

From Belgian waffles to French fashion, Maasmechelen Village has the best of European Christmas on offer. A member of The Bicester Village Shopping Collection, this December the outlet shopping destination will be open 7 days a week, from 10am until 7pm — to ensure your Christmas goes off without a hitch.

On the fashion front, the festive season gives you the opportunity to wear something with a little more glitz. So, be that a fancy frock or velvet tuxedo, you can find all of your party wear at high end label boutiques such as Ted Baker, Essentiel, BOSS, Stijn Helsen, Escada and many more. Even better news? There’s 60% off recommended retail price on everything.

And the seasonal deals also extend to gifts. Whether you’re on the hunt for the best in French grooming products from L’Occitane, Christmas list-worthy Belgian accessories from Kipling or esteemed Dutch shoes from Van Lier, your Euros will go a long way when spent at Maasmechelen Village.

There’s even a Christmas pop-up on site, to really get your bells jingling. It’s All About Christmas is a seasonal boutique that has it all; garlands, Christmas tree baubles, ornaments in different shapes and shades and decorations to bring the festive cheer from the finest artisans Europe has to offer.

Experience the best in European Christmas at Maasmechelen Village

In cuisine, also, Maasmechelen Village are flying the festive flag. On-site favourite What A Waffle will be sure to sate any seasonal cravings you might have with their selection of Belgian desserts. Local chocolatiers Neuhaus are the perfect people to guide you to your ideal advent calendar. Or even pop into Le Petit Belge for a seasonal Belgian beer.

So, if you find yourself at Brussels’ famed Christmas market this festive season, why not catch the Shopping Express — a luxury coach service that runs daily from the Belgian capital? It’ll get your Christmas off to a considerably cultured start.

Experience the best in European Christmas at Maasmechelen Village

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