This is the most expensive street to buy a home in Britain

Anyone got £17 million to spare?

It’s no secret that the state of our country’s property market is in disarray. The concept of ever being able to own a property is, with each passing year, becoming a far-fetched dream for the majority of our generation. So, what’s the single most expensive street in Britain?

Welcome, gentlemen, to Eaton Square: officially the most expensive place to buy a home in Britain. On average, a home in this insanely lavish street will set you back a whopping £17 million. Mind you, you’re not going to find anything anywhere remotely affordable in Belgravia…

This is the most expensive street to buy a home in Britain

When compared to every other street in the whole of the UK, Belgravia tops the “million pound” list. The Scores in St. Andrews is Scotland’s most expensive (where homes cost an average of £2.2 million) and Llandudno’s Llys Helyg Drive is Wales’ at an average of £1.5 million, according to research conducted by Lloyds Bank.

This is the most expensive street to buy a home in Britain

There’s no doubting the beauty of Eaton Square; the Kensington & Chelsea street was built in the 19th Century around a private garden and is one of three squares developed by the Grosvenor family at the end of the Napoleonic war. There are now only 15 houses surviving on the square (the rest have all been converted to flats) – one of which was one of the most viewed homes in the whole of last year. The 7-bedroom, 7-storey, £55 million flat was viewed over 400,000 times online last year.

The 10 most expensive streets in the UK:

Eaton Square, Westminster, £17 million

Grosvenor Crescent, Westminster, £16.8 million

Ilchester Place, Kensington, £16 million

Lansdowne Road, Kensington, £12.8 million

Chester Square, Westminster, £12.5 million

Lansdowne Crescent, Kensington, £10.8 million

Kensington Road, Kensington, £10.1 million

Camp End, Weybridge, £5.1 million

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