Putting pen to paper: Ettinger celebrate 85 years of craftsmanship with a limited edition notebook

Partnering with renowned artist Rory Dobner, Ettinger’s latest leather-bound creation celebrates eccentricity and elegance...

There is something inherently romantic about a notebook. Perhaps it is the simple act of putting pen to paper in a digital age, or maybe it’s that gorgeous, leather-bound smell you just can’t experience with a laptop. Now, in celebration of their 85th anniversary, the master craftsmen at Ettinger have collaborated with the renowned British artist Rory Dobner and London bookbinder Barnard & Westwood to create a limited edition notebook designed to take you back in time.

Putting pen to paper: Ettinger celebrate 85 years of craftsmanship with a limited edition notebook

As well as keeping you organised and well-prepared, this notebook will also help you stand out from the crowd, thanks to its distinctive strigine embellishment. Standing proudly on the cover of Dobner’s design is the idiosyncratic figure of Nigel the owl.

In the illustration, the bespectacled bird is bedecked with a bowler hat and carries an umbrella firmly under the arm — or should that be wing? — a fitting nod to Robert Ettinger’s father and the company founder, Gerry Ettinger, and the accessories he always carried and wore. 

Hawk-eyed customers will spot a handful of other significant artistic decisions made by Dobner, including on the faces of the illustrated pocket watches which hang from fob chains and are poignantly set at 8 and 5 o’clock to acknowledge Ettinger’s 85th anniversary.

In a further nod to the significance of this milestone, only 85 notebook covers have been created — and each is marked with its unique number on the inside back leather cover.

Take a look behind the scenes in Dobner's studio...

Take a look inside Rory’s studio, where the character of Nigel the owl was brought to life, and the final design for Ettinger’s beautiful anniversary notebook was completed.

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