Editor’s Picks: Chess Set, Land Rover and Sushi Knife

From a new bottle of Mezcal from the stars of Breaking Bad, to a retro designed bicycle to style up your commute, this is what we want this week…

It’s time to take those skills you learnt during lockdown and put them to good use. All those self-isolated nights playing board games? We’ve got just the chess set. All those evenings cooking up a storm in the kitchen? Check out the next-level knife below. Your new-found love for cycling? Allow us to indulge you.

Of course, there’s also the small matter of a new electric-converted classic Land Rover, a perfect back-to-work shirt and a recycled steel speaker to bring both noise and style to your home. And, if you’ve spent lockdown at the drinks cabinet, we’ve got just the bottle to help replenish it. In fact, let’s start with that…

Raise a glass: Dos Hombres Mezcal

Last year, when Ryan Reynolds covered our Summer Issue, we held an investigation. From Matthew McConaughey and Jay-Z to Reynolds himself, which A-list celebrity had launched the best bottle of gin, rum or whisky? Now, throwing their own sombrero into the ring are Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul — they of Breaking Bad fame — with Dos Hombres Mezcal. Fruity and woody, with hints of apple and mango, it’s a slightly spicy treat.

Raise the roots: Murdock Sea Salt Thickening Mousse

With offices re-opening, pubs once again pouring and lockdown measures loosening, we’re starting to see people. Other people. Remember them? And that means no more days spent in pyjamas or letting your beard grow out for a week. Thankfully, the latest addition to the Murdock London range — this root-raising, superior styling thickening mousse — will keep you looking presentable from dawn til dusk.

Editor’s Picks: Chess Set, Land Rover and Sushi Knife

Murdock Sea Salt Thickening Mousse


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Lead the charge: Zero Labs Land Rover Series III

A little while ago, we explored how electric conversion companies were leading the classic car charge. One of the companies we profiled was Californian start-up Zero Labs — who had put their own clean-living spin on the iconic Ford Bronco. Now, they’ve taken another legendary SUV, the Land Rover Series III, and electrified it. That angular, identifiable style but with a future-proof powertrain? We’re in.

Editor’s Picks: Chess Set, Land Rover and Sushi Knife

Zero Labs Land Rover Series III


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Shifting gears: Cheetah Attack Bicycle

With 540,000 square feet and a sea of bright yellow bags, Selfridges on London’s Oxford Street is a masterclass in successful retail. It makes sense, then, that the iconic department store has jumped onto the cycling bandwagon — and recently opened ‘The Bike Shop’. Among the two-wheeled offerings, this Cheetah Attack bicycle stands out; matt olive in colour, Dutch in design and with chunky contrasting tyres.

Editor’s Picks: Chess Set, Land Rover and Sushi Knife

Cheetah Attack Bicycle


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Volume up: Limited Edition UPCRAFTED Speaker

There’s quite the story behind this steel speaker. One of only a limited series, it was designed by prestigious audio manufacturer Transparent Sound and each unit is handcrafted by a blacksmith named Jonas Majors in his workshop on the Swedish island of Mörkö — all from skilfully repurposed aged steel. See? One hell of a story. Unfortunately, with that a 6.5-inch woofer and a class D built-in amplifier, you’ll have trouble being heard telling it.

Editor’s Picks: Chess Set, Land Rover and Sushi Knife

Limited Edition UPCRAFTED Speaker Steel


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Lace up: Oliver Cabell Low 1

oliver cabell trainers

There’s something undeniably chic about a monochrome colour scheme. Oliver Cabell’s Low 1 sneakers stand testament to that on their sturdy rubber soles. And, with laces, linings and the whole butter-soft Italian calfskin leather uppers all rendered in a deep, rich navy, it’s a refined design — and one that affords the wearer a pair of truly upper-class kicks.

Checkmate: Ralph Lauren Fowler Chess Set

Ralph Lauren may be better know for his fashion, but the American designer’s homewares division is equally stylish. Case in point; this Fowler chess set. With pieces designed by the man himself, and crafted from brass and nickel, you’ll play across a navy and cream hand-stitched board. Made to order, the price tag isn’t cheap — but make the investment and you’ll become everyone’s favourite game night host.

Editor’s Picks: Chess Set, Land Rover and Sushi Knife

Ralph Lauren Fowler Chess Set

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Slice and dice: Blenheim Forge Damascus Yanagiba

That translates as ‘sushi knife’, for those of you not in the know. The British knifemaker’s take on the classic Japanese Sashimi blade, this impressive Blue Paper Steel piece of kitchen kit is over half a metre in length, has a handle crafted from curly birch, and is ideal for breaking down and preparing large fish — even down to those unwelcome bones.

Editor’s Picks: Chess Set, Land Rover and Sushi Knife

Blenheim Forge Damascus Yanagiba


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Button it: New & Lingwood Blue Bengal Stripe Tailored Fit Shirt

The ideal statement shirt for a return to office life. From menswear magicians New & Lingwood, this striking, striped shirt is crafted from quality Italian cotton, comes in a a tailored cut and even features a soft collar — to make that transition back to your suit and tie as easy and comfortable as possible.

Editor’s Picks: Chess Set, Land Rover and Sushi Knife

New & Lingwood Blue Bengal Stripe Tailored Fit Shirt


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