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Eating these foods will make you more attractive to women

Raid the kitchen cupboard, gentlemen

Eating these foods will make you more attractive to women
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Women may joke that good food is the way to their hearts, but could this be closer to the truth than previously thought?

Recently published studies have proved that eating certain foods can influence and promote the production of pheromones – the chemicals that send suggestive signals to the opposite sex. But which foods should you be eating to become more successful with the ladies?

One study, published in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour, found that brightly-coloured fruit and vegetables – including peppers, red berries and carrots – can positively affect your natural scent.

Scientists also discovered that eating foods rich in carotenoids – such as pumpkins and apricots – resulted in your pheromones taking on a fruity, sweet and perceivably more pleasant scent.

Garlic was also found to be a surprising weapon in your edible arsenal. In a study published in Appetite, it was revealed that women found the pheromones of men who had eaten a clove or two to be more attractive and masculine than those avoiding the vegetable bulb.

But don’t just reach for the raw ingredients. A study published late last year suggested that men who spend more time cooking in the kitchen are likely to feel more masculine than those who don’t.

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