How to dress like the men who made coffee cool

The tips you can take from the style icons who made the cafetière chic

Steve McQueen

If there’s one man who can turn a seemingly simple excursion – aka the walk to the coffee shop – into a seriously stylish outing, it’s Steve McQueen. The ultimate King of Cool, McQueen knew how to get the most out of his most simple, basic attire, and this outfit is absolutely no exception.

Paul Newman

Never one to dress down, Newman always took things to the next level and drinking his morning cup of coffee was no exception. Taking the time out to get caffeinated is often considered as something that takes time and consideration but when you’re a man in a hurry, as Newman often was, it often requires your best suit and tie.

James Dean

Achingly stylish and undeniably the one of the coolest men to walk the planet, James Dean made each and every situation his own, whether he was grabbing a Sunday morning coffee or heading to a black tie dinner. Here, he teaches us the important art of dressing for yourself and nobody else.

Alain Delon

As one of the world’s biggest and best style icons, Delon certainly knew a thing or two about dressing for the occasion. Make like him and dress up for all walks of life, no matter how simple a trip might be.

Robert Redford

As the purveyor of the perfect casual shirt (his affection for the denim shirt never faltered), Robert Redford is the perfect example of casual cool. Next time you’re heading out for a coffee, make like Redford and go for an upgrade on an old classic.

India Gladstone

India Gladstone

India is the Online Editor of Gentleman's Journal

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