crockett and jones anniversary

Take a stroll back in time with Crockett & Jones

Storied shoemaker Crockett & Jones celebrates its 140th anniversary with a new collection…

140 years have passed since Charles Jones and Sir James Crockett joined forces to create what is now regarded as one of the finest shoemakers in the world. Now, over a century since it was founded, Crockett & Jones is still owned and managed by the founding family, who continue to emphasise quality and timeless style above all else. 

Part of this remarkable brand’s success must be accredited to its ability to adapt to a shifting consumer desire for design-led durability (as seen in their Black Editions series), alongside its commitment to producing shoes which will last the wearer for decades — notably thanks to its famous Repair Service, which also encourages sustainable buying. 

Now, in celebration of this remarkable milestone, Crockett & Jones has unveiled its 140th Anniversary Collection. Drawing inspiration from its extensive archives, each of the designs within the collection pay fitting tribute to a brand which shows no sign of slowing down. 

The Oxford: Perry

crockett & jones anniversary

Described in the Crockett & Jones 1920s special edition catalogue as “a very distinctive style”, the Perry shoe is a classic pin-punch cap English Oxford featuring exquisite swan neck facing details. Made from black calf with black willow grain and an art deco ‘fishtail’ back strap. These elegant shoes feature Rendenbach leather soles and historical detailing in abundance.

The Cambridge: Magee

Take a stroll back in time with Crockett & Jones

The Magee shoe is a Cambridge Gusset Casual design. Thought to have originated on the sartorial hub of Jermyn Street, where Crockett & Jones’ London flagship resides, this quintessentially ‘London’ style combines antique calf uppers with expertly stitched willow grain gusset sides and quarter inserts. 

The Demi-Boot: Turner

Take a stroll back in time with Crockett & Jones

Turner, undeniably the dandy of the 140th Collection, is a demi-boot with a pin-punched short-wing cap — a design which became hugely popular in the 19th Century. Featuring a combination of antique calf and willow grain, the boot’s standout feature is a single handmade and polished buckle. 

A last built to last...

Take a stroll back in time with Crockett & Jones

In honour of the brand’s heritage and shoemaking finesse, the family could not begin development on the 140th Collection without a classic wooden form on which to produce it.

Specially developed for the collection, Last 140 features a hollowed out neck, narrow waist, soft outside wall and an elegantly English round toe profile. After months of model making, sampling and test fitting, a form fit for this extraordinary collection was born.

crockett and jones anniversary

Crockett & Jones 140th Anniversary Collection

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