Cocktail of the Week: The Temperance ‘White Logroni’

Using an innovative low-alcohol spirit from Portobello Road Distillery, why not try "a Negroni like no other you would have tried before” this Sober October?

It’s Sober October; if you’re interested. After the year-and-a-bit we’ve had, we’d forgive you for keeping the doors of your drinks cabinet open this autumn — especially with the darker nights and dreary weather setting in. Because, as proper and principled as sobriety may be, there are some things you can only fix with a good stiff drink.

But we’ve found a compromise. The masters of innovation over at London’s Portobello Road Distillery — the brand’s ‘Savoury Gin’ claimed ‘Best Gin’ at our recent Gentleman’s Journal Drinks Awards — have whipped up a lower-alcohol choice for those looking to cut-down without cutting out altogether. ‘Temperance Spirit’ drops its alcohol content to 4.2%, but maintains the warm botanicals, juniper and citrus-forward flavours of gin. 

“A Negroni like no other you would have tried before…”

It also makes a mean cocktail. The distillery recommend mixing the softer spirit into a sparkling ‘Petite 75’ or the a simple ‘Temperance & Tonic’ — but our favourite of the suggested serves is the ‘White Logroni’. It may lack the vivid red colour of a classic Negroni but, as with the spirit itself, the drink doesn’t lose any of its charm or bite as a result.

To achieve that clear colour, the other key components must also be tweaked. In place of Campari, Portobello Road advises you use Luxardo Biter Bianco, a transparent aperitif from the Italian brand. And, instead of sweet vermouth, they’ve swirled in a measure of the French aromatised wine, Lillet Blanc. Here’s how to make it…

How to make The Temperance ‘White Logroni’


  • 25ml Portobello Road Temperance Spirit
  • 25ml Lillet Blanc 25ml
  • Luxardo Bitter Bianco Aperitif
  • Ice
  • Slice of Orange


  1. Fill a rocks glass with cubed ice A
  2. dd the Temperance Spirit, Lillet Blanc and Luxardo
  3. Stir for 20 seconds
  4. Garnish with the Slice of Orange

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