Cocktail of the Week: Clean Coconut Margarita

This week, non-alcoholic drinks brand CleanCo puts a lighter, fresher spin on the classic summer cocktail…

On the palm-printed paper of a tropical cocktail menu, the Coconut Margarita sounds like the perfect summer drink. The ingredients are exotic, the lime adds a refreshing, zesty zing — and the salt ensures things don’t get too cloying or sweet in the heat. Ideal, surely? 

Unfortunately, there are problems to be found in this particular tumbler. With a normal Coconut Margarita, the rich, thick coconut cream often feels far too heavy for such a sun-soaked, warm-weather drink. The lashings of simple syrup can clash with that serious amount of salt. And, perhaps most unhappily, the potent, punchy kick of full-strength tequila can taste far too strong for a laid-back summer sipper.

"Potent full-strength tequila can taste too strong..."

Thankfully, CleanCo are on hand to help. The non-alcoholic drinks brand has put a fresh spin on the Coconut Margarita; giving it more clarity (thanks to swapping coconut cream for coconut water), less syrupy sweetness and an innovative non-alcoholic base. Using Clean T, a low calorie, no-lo take on blanco tequila, this cocktail swims with oaky agave aromas and flavours including sweet melon, olive and black pepper.

It’s a perfect alternative to a full-strength, heavy-textured Coconut Margarita this summer — and finally delivers on that light, bright drink that sounds so delicious…

How to make the CleanCo ‘Clean Coconut Margarita’


  • 60ml Clean T
  • 35ml Coconut Water
  • 25ml Lime
  • 1 heaped teaspoon of Orange Marmalade


  1. Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker. 
  2. Fill with ice & shake hard. 
  3. Strain and serve in rocks glass with ice. 
  4. Garnish with a lime wheel and pink Himalayan salt rim.
Cocktail of the Week: Clean Coconut Margarita

CleanCo ‘Clean T’


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