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Why Chopard’s L.U.C watches are the quintessential gentleman’s accessory

Beautifully crafted, assembled and decorated by hand, the L.U.C timepieces are an ode to elegance.

What are the qualities that define the gentleman in the modern world? The contemporary gent is not solely defined by his style, but by his integrity and reliability, his character and individuality. He stands for tradition and heritage as much as he embraces forward-thinking ideals and progression. Simply put: he is unafraid of outwardly being himself. The contemporary gentleman seeks beauty everywhere. He wants his entire life to be a piece of art.

It is for these reasons, the last in particular, that there is no object more important to the gentleman than the watch. A considered and well-chosen timepiece is an instantly recognisable display of true character. The watch is the quintessential accessory for the gentleman due to the very nature of how it is attained — through careful consideration, commitment, pride and decision.

Chopard, the heritage watchmaker, has always maintained these emotions within its philosophy, by providing exceptional timepieces for the distinguished gentleman. There is nothing ostentatious about its creations — they may be striking, but their individuality is grounded in several centuries of design and mechanical history. 

In Chopard’s own words, “anything superfluous, transitory or incidental is rejected. Instead, relevancy, honesty, and meticulous craft are celebrated. For that is both the Chopard and the gentleman’s way.”

A charismatic calibre: L.U.C Flying T Twin

Charisma is the currency with which the modern gentleman trades. From social situations to the workplace, this combination of attractiveness, power and charm will get you far in life — and no brand knows that better than Chopard.

chopard luc watch

With the new L.U.C Flying T Twin, Chopard has unveiled its first calibre equipped with an automatic flying tourbillon. Technically and aesthetically sophisticated, this is a timepiece distinguished by its charisma: a hand-guilloché gold dial, impeccable proportions and an ultra-thin case in 18-carat ethically certified ‘Fairmined’ rose gold.

Elegance is the predominant feature of the L.U.C Flying T Twin. The case measures just 7.2mm, which may sound unswervingly chic and elegant, but the colour contrast of the 18-carat rose-gold case and black strap means it does not confine itself to a purely formal approach. It is this versatility that lends itself to charisma. If a man can look as at home at a black-tie dinner as he can in the boardroom, he clearly has the confidence to succeed. The same goes for this watch. 

chopard luc watches

Nestling inside this ultra-thin 40mm diameter case is a calibre fit to be a talking point at even the most sophisticated of parties. This chronometer-certified movement also features a stop-seconds device, extremely rare on a tourbillon, enabling perfectly accurate time-setting.

The art of extravagance: L.U.C XPS Twist QF

Restrained eccentricity is a mark of a gentleman. He is striking, but not ostentatious. Idiosyncratic, but not outlandish. Debonair, but not blatantly so. The L.U.C XPS Twist QF exudes the aura of the gentleman: a talent for refined transgression. 

With its offset small seconds appearing at 7 o’clock, the L.U.C XPS Twist QF gently subverts the conventions of Haute Horlogerie that are based on symmetry and aesthetic order. Just as a woven tie may end its blade with a flat edge, this is a timepiece that has fun with the small seconds, and a similarly offset crown, while still incorporating all the fundamental qualities of the L.U.C collection. 

chopard luc xps

Like some other models in the L.U.C collection, the L.U.C XPS Twist QF has no Arabic numerals at noon, with the figure 12 replaced by a double faceted hour-marker. Beneath this transgressive, playful dial, is a variation on calibre 96.01-L. Offset by 30 degrees, calibre 96.26-L drives the 250 timepieces. 

This is a watch that stands out for all the right reasons. Subtly extravagant, undeniably fun and the pinnacle of elegance, it is what Chopard does best; a new twist on a classic design. 

The mark of a man: L.U.C Chrono One Flyback

This is a watch for a truly contemporary man. It nods to the masculine codes of the past, but also plays with modern male fashion conventions. It is virile, yet it does not swagger. It is relaxed, while also elegant. It is controlled, but thoroughly exciting. 

Previous editions of the L.U.C Chrono One Flyback were made using precious metals such as 18-carat rose or white gold, and had 44mm diameters. The two most recent versions, however, measure a pared-back 42mm and come crafted from modern materials.

chopard luc chrono

The first of these two new iterations is available in stainless steel with a grey, finely satin-brushed dial. It’s an understated, tone-on-tone timepiece. To complement this natural feel, is fitted with an assuredly simple slate-grey alligator strap. The second version is a little more playful, but just as confidently masculine. With an emphasis on sport and traditionally manly pursuits, the dial is cast in a strong military green — punctuated by steel grey hour markers, hands and counter rims. 

This understated resilience typifies the L.U.C Chrono One Flyback. It is a watch with the lightness and practicality of the most rugged timepieces, but with an undeniably masculine appearance and reliably strong core.

A refined chronometer: L.U.C Quattro

There are few qualities more important for a modern gentleman to possess than that of introspection. To look to the future, while learning from and honouring the past is a key part of life — and the only way to truly advance and prosper. No wristwatch proves this more eloquently than the L.U.C Quattro.

chopard luc quattro

First introduced almost a decade ago in 2011, this is a timepiece powered by one of haute horlogerie’s most interesting and innovative movements. And the new, even more elegant L.U.C Quattro continues to develop.

With a vertical satin-brushed dial framed by a 18-carat white gold case, the latest iteration of this L.U.C mainstay radiates fresh thinking and distinction. Chopard’s latest L.U.C Quattro takes a formal path with its greyish hue — calling to mind the gentle eccentricity of modern English institutions, such as private members’ clubs. 

chopard cannes
Photography by Adam Fussell for Gentleman's Journal

And quite rightly so. For if you decide this is the timepiece for you, you will join a very exclusive club yourself. With only 50 pieces being produced, this is a watch intended for gentlemen well-acquainted with watchmaking secrets and capable of recognising such fine, if understated craftsmanship. The bezel is polished, the back finely hand-engraved and the strap an impeccably chic matte brown. 

An understated icon: L.U.C XP

When a gentleman knows he is in possession of something great, he doesn’t try to embellish it with futile bells and wasted whistles. Instead, he embraces the simplicity of his possession and enjoys it as it is. This is confidence and indulgence in its purest form.

The new L.U.C XP embodies this ideal. Epitomising the purity of design that characterises the L.U.C collection, it is elementary without being basic, devoid of artifice yet brimming with contrasts and naturally casually elegant. It is the ideal timepiece for the man who has chosen exactly what he wants, and will forever be comfortable with his decision.

chopard luc xp

Two hands. No seconds. No date. This is a watch that only gives you the essentials — for they are all you need. The quintessence of Chopard Haute Horlogerie, it is a watch cased in stainless steel and enhanced by a vertical satin-brushed blue dial with rose gold accents. These subtle touches give the watch a much more sophisticated status than you may afford it at first think. With a 40mm frame and a thickness of just 7.2mm, it is the product of a search for perfect proportions and a perfect fit — inspired by the Savile Row spirit that underlies every L.U.C creation. 

There is more to this watch than meets the eye. Even the strap, a merino wool offering made from a breed of sheep renowned for the finesse of its yarn, is dyed deep blue and braided — an alternative to your usual, but one that continues to resonate traditional cool and exclusivity. 

A unique creation: L.U.C Perpetual T Spirit of the Dragon and the Pearl

There are certain values and virtues that the contemporary gentleman champions above all others. Patience is one — the quality of quiet perseverance and fortitude. Individuality is another: the ability to stylishly and confidently stand out from the crowd. And passion is a third: the honesty and emotion to wear his heart on his sleeve. The L.U.C Perpetual T Spirit of the Dragon and the Pearl — something to wear under your sleeve — embodies all three of these ideals.

chopard cannes
Photography by Adam Fussell for Gentleman's Journal

More than two hundred meticulous hours of craftsmanship went into this one-of-a-kind timepiece, a watch that takes tales of Ancient China and uses them as inspiration for the creation of refined decorative flourishes. Borrowing from a fable of five-clawed dragons who served the emperor in his quest for the sacred pearl of wisdom and knowledge, the case is engraved with the creatures, while the crown depicts the pearl. This figurative work of creating a story in 18-carat gold uses a fine-line engraving technique to stunning effect. 

chopard luc watch

Then comes the dial itself: solid gold dial itself, featuring a design adorned with a hand-engraved motif drawn from traditional Chinese iconography — a striking pattern that recurs on both the 18-carat rose gold bezel and the watch’s buckle. It is as singular a timepiece as you’re likely to strap around your wrist, and the fact that there is a story behind this design lends the 18-carat gold watch even more weight. 

It’s a triumphant marriage of function and design. And the three qualities of the contemporary gentleman are carved into the case for all to see. Patience can be found in every fine line of the engraving, individuality evident in the legendary narrative playing out upon the case and passion seen in the furious beauty of the satin-brushed sunburst dial. 

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