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5 ways to show women that chivalry isn’t dead

Forever in the pursuit of bringing out every man’s inner gentleman, I couldn’t help but notice a slight demise in the number of chivalrous acts circulating in recent months. A prime example came a few weeks ago when a close male friend quite blatantly let a door slam in my face on our way into a bar one evening, having sat in the only free seat on the tube on the way there and pushed past another group of people upon exiting the station.

Unfortunately for said friend (who shall remain nameless) I was in the kind of mood that evening where I don’t tend to let things go lightly, and this final act of the series of events was the final straw. “Do you act like that when you take girls on dates?” I snapped at him, “No of course not,” he replied, “but I’m not trying to impress you, you’re just a mate.”

And herein lies the problem, gents. If you think that chivalrous acts only need apply when there is the possibility of a relationship or sex at the end of it, then you need to reassess your gentlemanly priorities.

Being a gentleman and chivalrous is not something to be turned on and off when the situation suits you – it’s a way of life. So be aware this list that follows applies to female friends, family members and love interests alike. Viva la gentleman!

1. Doors / Seats / Jackets / Umbrellas

This list is long, but it’s the small acts of chivalry that separate the men from the gentlemen, so be the guy that offers his friend a jacket when it’s cold, or holds the umbrella for his mother in an unexpected rain shower and for God’s sake make sure you are the one holding open the door and offering your seat for women when no one else is – for your girlfriend and strangers alike.

And for those who aren’t as well-versed with pick-up lines, offering your seat is a great way to show your attentive mannerisms and care for her, too.

2. Dinner table eitiquette

Her glass is empty – fill it up. Someone is clearing the table, but she hasn’t finished – tell them to stop. Your food has arrived, but hers hasn’t – wait to start. Simple dinner table etiquette allows for all manner of chivalry be it at home or in London’s exclusive Mayfair. Be the man that every woman notices – and just remember to pick up the bill, too.

3. Switch off your phone

Having drinks, sitting in a café or simply riding the bus together… every once in a while turn off your phone. Give her your undivided attention and you might just find that there really is life away from technology. Failing so, may just lead you to becoming just friends.

4. Remembering something significant

Your sister has a job interview, your friend is taking an exam, your girlfriend has a big meeting at work… No matter how mundane these may be, a simple text, phone call or (if you really want to push the boat out) a card, ticks all the chivalrous boxes.

5. Send her unexpected flowers

The value of a bouquet of flowers received unexpectedly during the middle of the day – an idle weekday perhaps – is something you simply can’t put a price on. Be it for your mother or your girlfriend, this simple gesture will never fail to impress a woman and if you need to know how to choose flowers we’ve got you covered for that too.

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