The British sportswear brand changing the game

The Beahon brothers have built their brand on the pillars of fabrics, features and craftsmanship

Brothers Tom and Phil Beahon are on a mission to take men’s performance sportswear to a new level.

The 23- and 26-year-olds, who come from a sporting background, often found themselves frustrated by the lack of high-quality sportswear available to men.

The British sportswear brand changing the game

But now, with the launch of their own premium sportswear brand, Castore, the brothers have shown that the best way to utilise frustration is to use it to plug a hole in the market.

And, in their bid to create the lightest, most durable and highest performing sports garments possible, the Beahons have adopted a new and innovative approach to the product development and testing process.

Rather than relying on lab equipment and machines to gauge the durability and effectiveness of their fabrics and designs, the brothers promise not to clear a garment for production until it has spent 100 consecutive days being worn by an athlete competing at the highest level.

The British sportswear brand changing the game

In this way, Castore can rest easy on what the Beahon boys call their three ‘pillars’.

The first ‘pillar’ that ensures the company’s quality is their use of superior fabric. The most innovative fabrics have been sourced by the Beahons, and they have developed partnerships with the very best European mills.

The majority of these fabrics incorporate tridimensional elasticity and a microfine welded construction to provide unrivalled durability and shape retention. Wearers will also benefit from the fabrics’ honeycomb molecular composition – a feature that provides superior moisture transfer and body temperature regulation.

The British sportswear brand changing the game

The second ‘pillar’ of Castore is the features and design of the garments themselves. From hydrophobic treatments to the infusion of silver chloride into the fabric, each tweak made to the items is meticulously mapped out and strategically implemented.

Laser-cut micro-openings cover areas of high perspiration and the materials used have also been ingrained with anti-odour chemicals to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi.

The British sportswear brand changing the game

The third and last ‘pillar’ is craftsmanship. From beginning to end, around 48 people handle a Castore garment, and this blend of artistic flair with precision engineering is what helps consistently create stylish but reliable sportswear.

Hooded tops, long and short sleeved t-shirts, shorts and trousers are currently offered in the Castore range, with the brothers looking to expand even further in the future.

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