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Boss & Co: Only the best

Since 1812, Boss & Co. has been building the best-quality shotguns and rifles for shooters and collectors around the world

Boss & Co: Only the best
Boss & Co. side by side scroll coin finish
The Gentleman

Walk into Boss & Co’s London workshop and one thing might surprise you: Just how low tech everything is. In today’s all-digital world, few people expect to find craftsmen building fine guns and rifles with the traditional tools they’ve used for centuries.

But unlike other gunmakers, Boss has not embraced modern machinery and electronic fads. They believe the only way to build the finest firearms in the world is by hand with skilled craftsmen.

Boss & Co: Only the best

Best quality

Founded in London in 1812, Boss & Co has spent two centuries building “best guns” only. “Historically, a best gun was the finest shotgun or rifle a London gunmaker could make,” says Arthur S. DeMoulas, company Chairman and owner. “We still hold ourselves to this standard.”

To achieve this quality, Boss uses its unique designs, the finest materials, and, most importantly, the top craftsman in the world. First-class craftsman are hard to find and their scarcity has always limited the number of guns Boss built. This is especially true today. Boss’ guns are handmade, so the build process can’t be rushed or held to strict timelines.

Of the shotguns and rifles Boss builds, their world-renowned over-under may be the most stunning. Envied by other makers, Boss patented their revolutionary OU in 1909. Stylish, elegant, lightweight and superbly balanced, it continues to be one of the most desirable shotguns made today.

Boss & Co: Only the best
A pair of rose and scroll Boss & Co shotguns

Most Boss’ OUs are ordered with the company’s celebrated single trigger. Patented in 1893, it was the first reliable single-trigger ever created. Refined over the years, it’s still one of the most highly regarded single triggers made.

quote “The owner of a Boss has the satisfaction of knowing he has the best gun money can buy" quote

The majority of Boss’ clients order pairs of guns for shooting driven game. Making pairs is especially demanding. Everything about the two guns must match: From the dimensions, the engraving, the overall weight, the balance, and grain in the wooden stocks. Getting all this right requires many more hours of work and pushes craftsman to perform at their highest level.

Bespoke, and more

Just as no two shooters are the alike, no two Bosses are exactly the same (unless they are a pair). That’s because every Boss is custom made. To this end, clients are encouraged to consult with Boss’s craftsman on all commissions. The company builds whatever the client desires: A double rifle for deer stalking in the Scottish Highlands, 28-gauge OUs with 29” barrels, or a father-and-son set of high bird guns.

Regardless of features, every Boss is built to fit a shooter’s measurements. A proper fit is a hallmark of a best-quality firearm. It’s what makes a best gun feel like an extension of your body, and part of why clients shoot their Bosses so well.

Art in action

Boss & Co: Only the best
Boss & Co. OU Rose and scroll black action

When you shoot a Boss, you understand why top shooters and collectors have such high opinions of these guns. Not only is a Boss beautiful, but it also feels alive when you handle it. Clients enjoy and admire them for decades and then pass them along to the next generation to do the same.

These clients have been aristocrats, celebrities, and business tycoons as well as people who have saved for decades, dreaming of owning a Boss one day. Regardless of their lineage or bank accounts, they’ve all had a passion for fine firearms and an eye for quality.

For over two hundred years now, Boss & Co’s workshop in London has been a refuge for quality without compromise. They’ve always been ‘Makers of Best Guns Only,’ and Arthur says “Our aim is to continue this tradition for centuries to come.”

This article was written in association with Boss & Co

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