Interview: Billy Howle on murder mysteries, Ian McEwan and playing villains

The Witness for the Prosecution star speaks to Gentleman's Journal about becoming Britain's literary film star

You appeared in last year’s Boxing Day Agatha Christie adaptation, Witness for the Prosecution, and you will be in two of the biggest novel adaptations of this year [Ian McEwan’s On Chesil Beach and Julian Barnes’ The Sense of an Ending]. How did you become Britain’s literary film star?

Suffice to say it wasn’t planned. It’s just sort of happened that way. While I grew up in  a house surrounded by books, I wasn’t an avid reader. That said, I was a fan of novelists like Ian [McEwan] and Julian [Barnes]. When scripts of their books turned up, I had to go for it.

While researching characters, do you read the books or do you prefer to stick to the script?

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