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These are the best whisky bars in Britain

Raise a glass to these five whisky bars worth a dram

It’s National Scotch Day, and if there’s one thing we like across at Gentleman’s Journal, it’s a dram of the good stuff. So, in case you share our love for whisky, we’ve rounded up five of Britain’s best whisky bars so you too can celebrate in style.

These are the best whisky bars in Britain

Bull in a China Shop, Shoreditch

Nestled behind a Dickensian pub frontage, and sitting opposite the iconic Tea Building in Shoreditch, Bull in a China Shop is one of the most specialist whisky bars in London. Over 100 select scotch whiskies – and a fair amount of Japanese bottles – can be masterfully crafted into cocktails by the bar staff, enjoyed neat in a highball, or served neat over hand-carved ice.

These are the best whisky bars in Britain

Trof NQ, Manchester

Trof Northern Quarter is cool. The place to be for cake and coffee during the day, at night it transforms into a shrine to whisky. Albeit the scotch selection is dwarfed by whisky from across the pond – the Bourbon Bar is surely one of the most extensive in the country – but this is a bar where all whiskies are appreciated and offered.

These are the best whisky bars in Britain

Whiski, Edinburgh

A stunning, and multi-award winning whisky bar, the rather obviously-named Whiski sits on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile and boasts a fantastic atmosphere only bettered by an incredible scotch collection. Stained glass and dark wood abound inside – the perfect atmosphere in which to enjoy a dram or three.

These are the best whisky bars in Britain

The Sun Tavern, Bethnal Green

In Bethnal Green, again the focus isn’t on scotch. But, then again, some people are bigger fans of the more niche whiskies – and this bar is a haven for Irish tipples. Bottles from Midleton, Cooley and Bushmills will give your palate a new experience of your favourite spirited spirit, and you’ll fall in love with whisky all over again.

These are the best whisky bars in Britain

The Colmore Club, Birmingham

It may be a private member’s club, but the Colmore is rapidly becoming one of the hottest spots in Birmingham. Located in a listed building on Colmore Row, the interior sees Victorian elegance juxtaposed with contemporary minimalism. Try out the vast whisky selection in ‘The Boardroom’, where you won’t be able to feel suaver if you try.

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