What are the best glasses for your face shape?

From oblong to round to square - and that's just the face shapes...

When buying a pair of glasses, it is important to get it right. Spectacles of any type are, by necessity, going to be a big part of your life, so buying a pair that complement your face is a must.

But what frames are best for your face? With so many different styles and designs available – and so many face types on which to fit them – finding your perfect pair can be incredibly difficult. So, if in doubt, follow our guide to ensure that you’re accentuating your best features, disguising your worst and, most importantly of all, bringing everything into focus.

What are the best glasses for your face shape?


The clue’s in the name – if you’ve got a long face shape, it’s oblong. So, for you long-faced fellows, a large, round style of glasses will look best. Styles such as aviator frames, originally sported by pilots taking to the skies, have broad frames and will flatter your face by making it appear shorter and wider.

What are the best glasses for your face shape?


Do you have a narrow eye and jaw line? How about broad, high cheekbones? If the answer to both of these is yes, then you are lucky enough to have the most unique and rare face shape there is – the diamond. But don’t despair, there are still specs that cater to your distinctive visage.

We suggest trying a frame that will draw attention to your eyes themselves, softening your cheekbones in the process. Top-heavy frames are the best for this – or even a more daring style such as those without rims or with some feature detailing across the brow.

What are the best glasses for your face shape?


They say that opposite attracts – and so is the case here. The best glasses for a square shaped face are round, so look to invest in some frames with circular or oval lenses. Your broad forehead, wide jawline and angular chin will be softened by round glasses, which will lengthen your face and make it appear less bulky.

What are the best glasses for your face shape?


If you have an oval face, the world is your oyster – as most, if not all, styles of glasses work with your face. With a rounded forehead and slightly wider, curving jaw, shape is not an issue – but you can still think about what design will best complement your hair colour and complexion. However, if we were to offer a little advice, we’d steer you clear of narrow frames. They may taper your eye line and make you look a little squinty – whereas wider frames will maintain your face’s natural balance.

What are the best glasses for your face shape?


A round face has a wide forehead, fuller cheeks and a curved chin, which means that when it comes to buying glasses, you really need to square up. Rectangular frames are perfect for this job as they will make your face appear slimmer – particularly those with a strong brow bar as they will draw the eyes of others upwards and therefore give your face the illusion of length.

What are the best glasses for your face shape?


If you have a broad forehead, wide cheek bones and a small chin, your face fits into either the heart or triangle category. For you, picking sunglasses should be all about contrast. Steer away from aviator styles as, although they’re classic, they mimic and emphasise the shape of your face. Instead, you should opt for frames that are wider at the bottom or that are made from light, airy materials to minimise the how wide your upper face appears.

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