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How to ask for a pay rise – and get one

One piece of advice? Always come prepared…

How to ask for a pay rise – and get one
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They say that there are three things you should look out for in a job, and if two of the three can be answered with a firm ‘yes’, you should stick with it.

So answer this: do you like your work? Do you get on with at least a couple of your colleagues? And do you get paid enough? More often than not, the first two questions are answered with a defining ‘yes’. But when it comes to salary, gentlemen all over the world feel that their pay package is unjustified and unfair.

If this is you, it’s time to do something about it. You don’t get without asking, and the worst thing that can happen is that your boss tells you to wait another 6 months. One piece of advice? Always come prepared…

Don’t let nerves get the better of you

Let’s be honest – business is business. You’re not breaking up with your girlfriend, nor are you stepping into a job interview. Sure, talking about money is awkward, but it’s essential that you don’t chicken out just because you can feel a couple of butterflies in your stomach.

Do it properly

Book an official meeting with your boss – don’t just jump on him while he’s on the way out to a meeting. An abrupt questioning will most likely be met with an abrupt response.

Timing is everything

You need to assess the situation. If you work for a start-up, you probably have a rough idea of what’s going on with the finances of the company. If your boss is stressed, or it’s outwardly obvious that he’s had a bad week, it’s best to save it for a rainy day. Catching him in the right mood will definitely help your case.

Do your research

Shop around on LinkedIn and ask recruiters what someone at your level should be getting paid. You need to be reasonable; a long-standing job should naturally go in six-monthly pay rises, so it’s unlikely that you’re suddenly going to get a £20k rise on one go. Be realistic.

Make sure you’re worthy of it

Don’t be arrogant. Have you worked hard enough and been at the company long enough to have earned your pay rise? The likelihood is that your boss is going to ask you why you’re worthy of a raise in salary and should that happen, you need to come prepared. Choose proven milestones that you’ve made both personally and within the team, discuss the work you’ve put in and talk about your future within the company and what you hope to achieve. Having evidence to back up your case will only work in your favour.

Do NOT give an ultimatum

Don’t be childish. If your question is answered with the response that you didn’t want, don’t be irrational and threaten to leave. There will be a reason, financial or otherwise, why you’re not getting your way. So go back to your desk, get your head down, and give your boss a reason to pay to say yes the next time around.

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