9 reasons you should have a Vacheron Constantin in your watch collection

From their inspired, understated design to the unrivalled after-care service, this is why you should invest in one of the storied Swiss timepieces

Ask any man for a list of their most treasured possessions, and we’d wager that a watch will be high on the list. Often passed from generation to generation, these timepieces tell more than the hour of the day — they tell stories, relationships and family bonds. And this is why we hold them more valuable and dear than almost any other possession.

Vacheron Constantin know this better than anyone else. One of the ‘Holy Trinity’ of watch brands, they are highly regarded across the watch world not only for their high craftsmanship standards and timeless designs, but also for their understanding of their customers — and belief that watches do more than keep your days organised.

So, if you don’t yet have a Vacheron Constantin in your collection, here are the 9 most convincing reasons that you should.

9 reasons you should have a Vacheron Constantin in your watch collection

They are the world’s longest continually-running watch brand

Vacheron Constantin haven’t stopped making watches since 1755. That’s 263 years of haute horology, and the world’s best craftsmen creating these timepieces in Switzerland. Add one to your collection now and you’ll not only become part of this illustrious history, but it’ll also be an investment in a brand who are destined to be a recognised name for years to come.

They are masters of understated design

If there’s one thing you’ll never see, it’s a gauche Vacheron Constantin. They’ll never be covered in colourful gems, they’ll never be worn ostentatiously and they’ll never shout and pretentiously flaunt their presence to the watch world. Instead, they are quietly confident in their design and engineering. And quite rightly so.

They don’t produce many watches compared to other houses

One of the storied maison’s more telling mottos is: “One of not many”. This exemplifies not only how few watches Vacheron Constantin produce — perfection takes time, after all — but also nods to the men and women who wear them. These are individualistic watches for unique individuals.

They have one of the highest levels of finishing in the industry

Some watches transcend their timekeeping purpose to become works of art in their own right. Vacheron Constantin’s level of finishing is incredibly high — and every single component inside every single one of their watches has been mirror-polished, circular-grained and perlaged to perfection.

They are incredibly true to their heritage in their vintage designs

If you had an archive over 260 years strong, we’d bet you’d dip into it now and again. And the designers at Vacheron Constantin are no fools. With respect and reverence for the past, they have become masters of vintage design, creating mechanically modern pieces inspired by the past.

Their refurbishment department brings old watches back to life

If ever you needed proof that the brand were proud of their past, Vacheron Constantin have committed to buying back their old models from auction, and expertly refurbishing them to an incredibly high standard — reselling with a 2-year guarantee.

They have a broad range of styles — some of the most impressive being high complications

While they might be most famous for their understated dress watches and their fantastic grand complications, the Vacheron Constantin catalogue contains every type of watch — from their sporty Overseas model to their intricate Metier d’art collection.

They will only appreciate in value

If you want value, you’ve got it. Vacheron Constantin’s vintage models have appreciated noticeably at auction in recent years, showing that the market for these stunning timepieces is growing. It’s a safe bet then, that if you invest now, your watch will only become more sought-after.

9 reasons you should have a Vacheron Constantin in your watch collection

They have an incredibly high level of customer after-care

If anything were to ever go wrong with your watch, or you just need to send it off for a regular service, Vacheron Constantin’s expertly trained watchmakers will give it the attention and deference it deserves. Every time you send your watch away, it will be cared for and returned as good as new.

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