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7 of the Best Classic & Custom motorbikes

Motorbikes, Gentlemen, what can we say – is there really anything more fundamentally manly? The danger, the adrenaline, the speed – just a man and the open road. It’s what real mens’ dreams are made of. Now we could tell you about the best bikes we saw in 2013, or the new releases soon to be hitting the showrooms, but instead we wanted to take a minute and show you some of the more unique models that we can’t take our eyes off, the old-school classic favourites and custom-made bikes that get a true mans heart racing.

As Hugh Laurie says “Driving a motorcycle is like flying. All your senses are alive. So with this in mid, let us guide you through our picks of some of our favourite unique and beautiful motorbikes. Amp up your adrenaline and testosterone with a quick look at these and imagine yourself atop one, racing down winding roads, wind in your hair and with-or-without a supermodel behind you…

Deus Grievious Angel

Motorbike - TGJ.01

Alloy bullet fairing, underslung stubbie pipe, powdercoated factory mags, this model from the world famous Australian customisers Deus is based around a Yamaha SR400 engine, but with all the stunning qualities a truely authentic English Cafe Racer.

Cook Customs Rambler

Motorbikes - TGJ.02

Grab some old-school charm, a serious dose of class and some antique styling and you should have yourself something not too dissimilar to the Cook Customs Rambler. Dave Cook’s AMD Championship-winning bike ‘Rambler’ has an instantly recognisable vintage feel, and is powered by what he elusively refers to as a ‘550 International’ engine. This really is a one of a kind construction. Above the case work, Dave also built an auxiliary oil tank and oil regulator. It’s has parts from International and BMW combines with Cook’s incredible design chops. A sculpture in it’s own right, we defy any man not go just a little bit weak at the knees over this.

Triumph t100 Bonneville

Motorbikes - Bonneville - TGJ

One of the most iconic names in biking, Bonneville can’t help but conjure thoughts of independence, long open roads and, arguably, some of the most beautiful bikes in the world. This is no exception.

Take the most famous name in motorcycling and gave it ample 60s styling, it’s still distinctly a Bonneville with it’s smooth pulling, fuel injected 865cc parallel twin, but they’ve added some slight changes, such as twin peashooter exhausts, chrome engine covers, black instrument surround with tacho, the distinctive Triumph logo on the seat, two-tone paint, spoked wheels and fork gaiters. In short, it still feels, looks and sounds like a real motorcycle should.

Dylan Robb Custom Harley Davidson

Motorbikes - TGJ.04

This bike is the result of what you get when you cross 67 Harley engine, Ducati forks, and carbon fiber. Australian, Dylan Robb supposedly built this bike over an eight month period in just his shed with almost no tools. It has a 1969 XLCH motor which has been rebuilt, blueprinted, balanced and ported, uses an S&S Super E carburetor facilitate the fuel supply and has also been converted to a left-hand gearshift. Quite how he did it? We have no idea, but we’re serious fans.

Gustav Skippone

Motorbikes - TGJ.05

Before you recoil at the colour – yes we are fully aware of the fact that cream is not the most masculine of colours – but somehow this just works, it probably has something to do with the ample amounts of chrome and gasoline. In fact, it does more than just works – it’s a masterpiece. With Belarus based Yuri Shif behind it, it was always going to be a recipe in pure perfection.

The bike is built around a powerhouse 107ci S&S V-twin motor and the swingarm and softail frame are all YSC creations—with a classic Harley-Davidson springer handling suspension duties up front. What is not to love?

Falcon Kestrel

Motorbikes - TGJ.06

To put it bluntly, Falcon takes broken rubbish and transforms it into something beautiful. As well as this, Falcon have a penchant for the environment, which makes us like them even more, obviously this doesn’t decrease their cool-factor in anyway so have gone for sustainability over alternative energy.

With this bike, try and imagine starting with a neglected 1970 Triumph Bonneville, then add endless amounts of exceptional craftsmanship, passion and sweat,and the final result…well we think that speaks for itself.

ELCS 8 Ball

Motorbikes - TGJ.07

Finally, we bring it back to Britain with our favourite discovery of 2014 so far – East London Chop Shop – who offer their clients the new vision for bobber motorcycles in the UK. Each one is hand built to encompass the classic styling of the old, with the reliability of the new.

The brains behind ELCS combine ”British build and craftsmanship with modern Triumph engines and running gear, encapsulating ‘Old School’ retro bobber styling with the practicality of modern triumph motorcycling, for the best of both worlds.” Each one can be built and personalised to be totally unique to the clients specification and desire. We can’t take our eyes off the 8 Ball, with a max power of 78Bhp at 7400 rpm and looks to die for we suggest you get yourself to E1 ASAP.


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