5 surprising things women find attractive

From greying hair to green fingers, what odd quirks and qualities could make you a hit?

How attractive are you? It’s a nagging and odd question to ask, but one that the majority of us fret over daily. We choose hairstyles, outfits and how we present ourselves generally to impress others, but there are certain quirks and traits that you may not know women find attractive.

So stop measuring yourself against your bank balance or how much you can bench press, and instead measure yourself with these five curious characteristics that women actually love…


Several years ago, the University of Stockholm conducted a study that revealed women are more attracted – in general – to men who wear glasses to those who don’t. The reason? Because glasses are a sign of intelligence and, as much as you think ladies measure you by the size of your biceps, it’s the size of your brain that give you the edge. And everyone likes a witty conversation…


It may seem like another odd inclusion, but scars don’t make you come off as damaged goods. Instead, women tend to be fascinated by the stories behind your war wounds, and they also afford you an air of mystery, ruggedness and masculinity. A study from Liverpool University also found that women associate scars with courage, health and bravery – and who doesn’t want to be seen as that hero?

Green fingers

Not literally, of course – that would be disconcerting. But those of us who spend our hours whiling away time in the garden are considered more attractive to the fairer sex. Nurturing plants shows both patience and the capacity for affection and – inexplicably – experts have also suggested in the past that just 30 minutes a week tending your garden can improve your performance in bed. We’re not sure how, but it’s got us reaching for the secateurs…

Greying hair

Like glasses, greying hair can show maturity, experience and sophistication when worn in a complimentary style. A recent survey by a huge online dating website found that 72 per cent of women thought grey hair was ‘hot’, with still more terming it ‘attractive’. And, even if you’re younger and prematurely greying, owning the look exudes confidence in your own body – which can only be a good thing. Not to mention, obviously dyed hair is the epitome of naff.

Thick eyebrows

It may sound odd, but a pair of thick eyebrows are really appreciated by womenkind. Not shaggy or bushy – and, for God’s sake, don’t let them grow together into a monobrow – but a pair of dark unruly eyebrows can accentuate a masculine brow, draw attention to your eyes and prove that you’re not lacking on that most important of male hormones: testosterone.

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