5 style lessons we can learn from Tinie Tempah

Take some style tips from the Godfather of British rap

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Tinie Tempah should be given the credit he is due. Not only has he graced the cover of our very own magazine, he has paved the way for other rappers to achieve global stardom with a characteristically ‘London’ sound, cue man of the moment Stormzy. But Tinie isn’t just a music mogul, he is also an entrepreneur and a fashion lover. And for this South London rapper, the three have always been connected.

He launched his first clothing line, Disturbing London, alongside his debut album Disc-Overy back in 2010 and has taken his fashion seriously ever since. Ambassador of Men’s London Fashion Week, the new custodian of the late, great, Alexander McQueen’s home, and all with a new menswear collection in the pipeline, Tinie is certainly a gentleman to watch on the sartorial scene.

Since hitting the big time, Tinie has transformed and evolved his style, showing gentleman everywhere that you should not fear change. So in the spirit of sartorial bravery, let’s look to the 5 style tips that we can take from the Godfather of modern British rap.

Own a look, don't let it own you

Gentleman's Journal, Tinie Tempah, Icon, Men's wear, Men's Fashion

Tinie Tempah has donned some strong styles, and is known to play around with elements of 1980s kitsch with his suits. But knowing the importance of not overdoing it, he opts for a few eye catching accessories such as costume jewellery that coupled with solid tailoring, gives a gentlemanly look with an edge that is characteristically his own.

Look beyond clothes to make an outfit

Gentleman's Journal, Tinie Tempah, Icon, Menswear, Men's Fashion

Tinie’s impeccable grooming shows us that attention made to the non-material details of your outfit are just important as the clothes you put on your back. The way you style your hair, beard, or lack of it, are vital parts of your daily outfit. Whether clean shaven, or with the more recent acquisition of a substantial but smart beard, Tinie’s hair game even at its edgiest remains spectacularly neat. Here, Tinie reminds us that an outfit is never complete without the details.

Appreciate the beauty of mono-tonal dressing

Gentleman's Journal, Tinie Tempah, Icon, Style, Men's Fashion

Tinie appreciates how slick a ‘colour uniform’ can be. In light of the spring season, Tinie will no doubt continue to sport a camel ensemble, a colour trend that shows little sign of abating on Savile Row this season.

Dress for your environment

Gentleman's Journal, Tinie Tempah, Icon, Music, Menswear, Men's Fashion

Tinie Tempah rarely gets accused of looking out of place, especially where his outfit is concerned. A born and bred Londoner, he not only dresses for the style of the city, he also dresses for practicality. Often seen sporting medium to light pieces that fit in with the mild and drizzly weather of the British capital (such as a structured bomber), his effortless style proves that only by dressing in accordance with your surroundings will your outfit appear effortlessly chic.

Update the Savile Row look

Gentleman's Journal, Tinie Tempah, Style, Menswear, Men's Fashion

One of Tinie’s defining sartorial achievements, in recent years the rapper and fashion personality has come to embody the merits of the British tailoring-urban fusion. Tinie’s style vision shows that you can bring gentlemanly fashion into the Twenty-first century without offending the Savile Row community or looking like you’re playing dress up. From impeccable brightly coloured three pieces, to a pair of Oliver Goldsmith frames with a semi-structured bomber, Tinie knows how to use his identity to mix up classic tailoring and give it some of his personality, and no matter your style or influences, you can too.

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