5 products to make your shaving routine almost pleasurable

Soften, smooth and soothe: The three key parts of shaving prep. Here's how to achieve the ultimate shave.

Most men have a love/hate relationship with their razor. On occasion, if you’re sufficiently moisturised, have applied just the right amount of foam or cream, and are fortunate to have some of the sharpest blades available at your disposal, that morning shave will be a dream. Your razor will glide across your face and neck unimpeded, and leave your skin looking smooth, suave and glowing.

However, if you find yourself running either late or low on shaving products, it can be like torture – leaving razor rash, nicks and all manner of unsightly blotches across your face to ruin both your complexion and day. So take a step back. Prepare for this daily ritual well in advance – and with sufficient investment – and we guarantee that your morning shave won’t just be bearable, it’ll be almost pleasurable…

5 products to make your shaving routine almost pleasurable

For precision - Aesop Moroccan Neroli Shaving Serum

Cutting fast and loose across your face is never a good idea. Sweeping swathes with your razor, hoping that you’ll catch ever last rogue bristle, will just end in uneven coverage and, quite possibly, injury. Instead, invest in a product that can up the precision of your routine, such as this offering from Aesop.

With a low-foaming texture, this Moroccan Neroli Shaving Serum facilitates the perfect shave. Formulated with a blend of gently-hydrating Neroli Blossom and anti-inflammatory Aloe Vera, just two lathered pumps will allow for razor-close precision without assaulting or aggravating your skin.

5 products to make your shaving routine almost pleasurable

For softening - Buly 1803 Shaving Cream

One of the key parts of pre-shave prep is to soften the hairs on your face as much as possible. This way, you’ll be bristled less as you run your razor across your skin, and the hair will come away without too much trouble. But there’s only so much hot water can do – which is where Buly come in.

The brand’s Creme Pogonotomienne Shaving Cream, although a mouthful, will help you immensely in the long run. Formulated with antibacterial Hinoki Wood – which also affords a wonderfully smoky scent – this cream contains moisturising Sweet Almond Oil to soften not only your beard, but your skin as well. Simply massage on before shaving, and it’ll make the process easier than you ever thought possible. Certainly easier than saying ‘pogonotomienne’…

5 products to make your shaving routine almost pleasurable

For smoothness - Penhaglion’s Bayolea Beard & Shave Oil

We’ve all had rubbish shaving foams and creams in the past – products that either soak into your face so quickly that you may as well not have bothered applying them, or that are so thin that they run straight off. But shaving requires a product that will stay on your face throughout, keeping your skin smooth to minimise a rough time with your razor.

Cue Penhaglion’s, and their inimitable Bayolea Beard & Shave Oil. A high-glide product, this is a multi-purpose product that can be used for either styling or shaving – although we’d recommend you buy for the latter. Simply massage three drops into your beard, and your razor won’t ever catch again.

5 products to make your shaving routine almost pleasurable

For soothing - Baxter of California’s Super Close Shave Formula

Of course, the actual act of shaving is just half the problem. How careful your handle the razor is important to your comfort, but aftercare will determine how scratchy, dry and painful your face is for the rest of the day. So don’t cap your shaving routine with a a rinse of your razor – and invest in something to smooth things over.

This shaving cream, from Baxter of California, is formulated to protect your skin, prevent redness and irritation, and deliver hydration to a freshly-shawn face. Tea tree is just one of the many active antiseptic and botanical ingredients, which will soothe your skin and help it settle down after the big shave.

5 products to make your shaving routine almost pleasurable

For hydration - D R Harris Arlington Aftershave Milk

Water can not hydrate alone. That may seem like a bold statement, but your skin after shaving is damaged, and necessitates something a little stronger than your basic H2O. Something like milk. Not the type you find in your fridge, but rather something along the lines of D R Harris’ Arlington Aftershave Milk.

Containing a mild antiseptic, this miracle milk will keep your skin hydrated, refreshed and free from irritation. Crafted in England, and imbued with a scent that has been a best-seller in the brand’s London shop for over a century, this brisk citrus and calming fern product has over 100 years of experience in fine-tuning your shaving routine.

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