5 iconic shoe styles every man should own

Put your right feet forward in this capsule collection

men's leather shoes - the essential styles

A fine pair of shoes is – literally – the foundation of every outfit. Working from the ground up to craft your look is a great way to start and, with these five different types of shoe, you’ll never go wrong. Tick each of these (shoe) boxes and you’ll have a collection versatile and hardy enough to take on any situation.


The brogue represents the ultimate in flexibility and has, over time, become the go-to for gents who want a shoe they can wear to occasions that fall into that grey area between casual and formal.

Originally created for functional purposes – holes were punched in the leather to allow water to seep out – brogues are now considered a stylish essential and, as such, this should be one of the first shoes on your radar.


There is something about a loafer that just looks effortless. Maybe it’s the fact that they have no laces and can be easily slipped on or off, or the clean, unfussy silhouette that screams nonchalance.

Opt for a tasselled version to add an element of dandiness to your outfit or go for a penny loafer for a classic preppy twist.


These will be your Monday to Friday workhorses. Opt for a leather-soled black pair with a cap toe and they’ll finish off just about any suit with aplomb. Invest in some good polish, though, as these bad boys are at their best with a mirror finish.

Minimal sneakers

We’re not talking about loud, colourful trainers that shout out for attention at any cost. Instead, go for a simple white or black design with minimal detailing and your look will be on point, whether you choose to pair them with selvedge denim and a crisp white t-shirt or an unstructured cotton suit on dress down Friday.


Again, there are an infinite number of options to invest in, depending on whether you want to fall on the casual or formal side of the spectrum. For a more laid back look, desert boots are your best bet, particularly in a brown suede or waxed leather.

To smarten it up, Chelsea boots are a great option and with their smooth lines and rock ‘n’ roll connotations, they offer a great alternative to oxfords. We love these for their high quality suede and durable crepe sole.

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