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5 fishing destinations to challenge conventional wisdom

If you thought fishing was dull, think again

Alphonse Atoll, Seychelles
The Gentleman

Nimmo Bay, British Columbia

5 fishing destinations to challenge conventional wisdom

Fly to Vancouver and then on to the remote airport of Port Hardy on Vancouver Island. Wait at the airport until you hear 4 A-star helicopters blaring out Ride of the Valkyries from their sound systems, and you know you’re in the right place. Welcome, gentlemen, to Nimmo, an astonishing lodge in the middle of nowhere where you have a helicopter as your personal mode of transport.

Your pilot also doubles up as your professional fishing guide and you can do what you like, when you like. Fly over rivers until you see a pod of fish, then drop in and catch as many as you can. There’s nothing standard or boring about Nimmo, and you can forget lunch by the riverside – it’s best served cold and on top of a glacier where you can catch a steelhead. And on the way home, you’ll fly back over breaching humpback whales. Trust us, gentlemen, life does not get much cooler than this.

PatagonianBase Camp, Chile

5 fishing destinations to challenge conventional wisdom

The Patagonian BaseCamp may be the only place left in the world where you actually expect to see a pterodactyl. In the most remote part of Chile, the visionary lodge owner has created probably the perfect fishing programme; float rivers for a week and you’re almost guaranteed not to see another soul other than your guide and your fishing partner. You’ll have the opportunity to shoot white water rapids before casting a dry fly to trout that readily come to the surface. Drink merlot under a million stars and come back knowing that you’ve been somewhere very few have ever set foot before – the perfect antidote to a busy life.

Yokanga river, Russia

5 fishing destinations to challenge conventional wisdom

Big salmon, check. Helicopter fly outs every day, check. Remote wilderness with only reindeer to hassle you, check.  A comfortable lodge with cold vodka, check. Anything else? Thought not. For any gentleman with even the vaguest interest in salmon fishing, this is perhaps the most perfect place to take the trip of a lifetime.

Alphonse, Seychelles

5 fishing destinations to challenge conventional wisdom

If there was ever a destination designed to drag you out of the ordinary and propel your fishing career to completely different heights, then Alphonse is surely it. The range of species landed on a fly rod is simply extraordinary and when bonefish become a species to target only because you are waiting for the tides to turn before you can cast at something bigger, stronger and faster, you know you are somewhere special.

Complete with fabulous accommodation and a range of activities for any non-fishing partners only broadens this destinations appeal. The choice at breakfast is not easy – sailfish followed by a giant trevally followed by a bonefish or do you aim for milkfish, trigger fish and a dive lesson to cap it off?  Deciding between bacon or sausages never looked easier.

Mahseer fishing, India

5 fishing destinations to challenge conventional wisdom

India is an intoxicating country to visit and how better to see it than with a fishing rod? Fly to Delhi and then to the Nepalese border, which involves one of the most spectacular drives in the world as you skirt the Himalayas. You then float back down through India on the mighty river Mahakali whilst a bewildering number of staff go ahead of you and set up luxury safari camps. That in itself would be a journey to boast about, but when you combine it with fishing for the mystical and majestic mahseer it takes on a whole new meaning. You are in the hands of a mahseer genius in Misty Dillion, who has cracked the flyfishing code of these brilliant fish. Live as they did in the Raj, and experience true India whilst flyfishing – not much will beat that.

This article was written in association with Roxtons. For further information on any of these destinations contact Charlie White, head of fishing at Roxtons on +44 (0)1488 689 701 or visit here. Follow Roxtons on Instagram here. 

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