5 of the best shower gels for men

Take your pick, then take a shower - to start the day feeling fresh

Your morning routine is beyond important. From the first intrusive ring of your alarm, to that snatched final sip of coffee before you dart out of the door, each element of your morning will help set you up – mind and body – for the day to come.

But, while we can’t help you with your calendar or state of mind, we can help you invigorate and refresh your body for the day to come. So, whether you were putting in the long hours at the office or staying late at the pub, here are 5 of the best shower gels – depending on what you need to get your get up and go in the morning.

For the exfoliators...

If, like any discerning modern man, you exfoliate on a daily basis – just think of those oncoming crows’ feet, gents – then Aesop’s Redemption Body Scrub is the perfect shower gel for you. Formulated with finely milled Pumice and Bamboo Stem, this scrub gently buffs away dirt and dead skin cells, meaning you can literally wash away the past and move on with your day as a new man.

It is also infused with a huge number of natural essential oils – from Fir and Pine to Sage Leaf and Clove – to ensure your skin stays nourished and soothed while giving your skin a rugged, woody aroma for the rest of the day.

For the dehydrated...

If you’ve had a particularly busy few days, and haven’t been drinking as much water as you should have been – or you’ve had a particularly busy few days and have been drinking more alcohol than you should have been, then this hydrating body wash from Czech & Speake will get you back on track, reinvigorate your skin and recharge your batteries for the day to come.

Lightly perfumed with the brand’s classic Neroli scent, which blends heady florals like the exotic Ylang-Ylang with zesty orange, this refreshing formulation is boosted by natural emollients, including coconut, which imbue the skin with moisture and seal it for protection. And, if you’re particularly hungover, that easy pump top will be appreciated, too…

For the tired...

If you’re a night owl rather than an early bird, and mornings have never been your strong suit, then you need something a little more potent and punchy than a cream wash or gently scented shower gel. Enter Baxter of California. The classy, bombastic US brand is made for men by men who were disillusioned with the existing range of product, and this Invigorating Body Wash really gives you the slap across your face you need to wake up in the morning.

With Italian Lime and Pomegranate Essences infused throughout, this is a wash that really kick-starts your morning, lathers up a dream and will get your skin tingling and your day going. With hydrating Aloe Vera also thrown into the mix, you’ll soon be reaching for this bottle before your morning espresso.

For the sensitive...

We all need to wake up and wash, but there are those of us cursed with more sensitive skin than others. If you’re one such individual, or are just feeling particularly fragile, then Haeckels are on hand to keep you clean without the brash scrubs or scents other manufacturers swear by.

Blended using hand-harvested Seaweed and Sea Buckthorn at the brand’s clifftop laboratory in Margate, this body cleanser is made using not only completely natural ingredients, but ingredients sourced exclusively from the UK. Low-foaming, and with soothing Aloe, Lavender and Sage, this bears none of the hallmarks of harsher soaps – but all the refreshing benefits.

For the hedonists...

If you’re not hungover, overworked or cursed with sensitive skin, then you’re doing pretty well. And, if that’s the case, why not indulge yourself, keep the positive ball rolling, and really splash out on what you splash on every morning?

Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino Shower Gel is infused with the designer’s signature fragrance – itself inspired by the sparkling coast of the Italian Riviera. Bright and refreshing, it gently cleanses and forms the creamiest lather we’ve ever seen. It’s decadent, yes – but who doesn’t want a little more hedonism in their morning routine?

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