Let London Fitness Guy teach you five brand new exercises

Is your day-to-day exercise regime feeling a little stale? Allow James Stirling to show you five exciting new exercises to get your blood pumping.

Seven weeks ago, all these newfound, newfangled Instagram classes and fresh ways of working out were a novelty. But so was working from home, wasn’t it? And, like the constant Zoom calls and endless emails have lost their shine, so too has slugging and plugging away at the same old circuits and same exercises day-in, day-out in your living room.

But don’t despair. You might be bored of burpees, or completed enough mountain climbers to scale Everest, but there are different, new and exciting exercises out there. Diversity is key to maintaining fitness, building muscle mass and fending off boredom in your makeshift home gym — and we’ve turned to the Gentleman’s Journal fitness expert James Stirling, AKA Instagram’s @london_fitness_guy, to teach us some new exercises.

So turn up the music, push back the sofa and listen up. From Bear Crawls to Inch Worms, here are five exercises you’ve likely never tried before — but will soon become firm favourites.

Start by trying a set of Kick-Sits

Begin in an all-fours position with your knees raised an inch above the floor. Next, pivot from your feet and thread your left leg under the right side of your body so it’s pointed at the wall to the right of you. Raise your right arm and rotate at your core. Return to your start position and repeat with the opposite leg.

Next, mix things up with a Bear Crawl

A reasonably self-explanatory one, begin this exercise on all-fours with your knees again lifted an inch from the floor. Walk 10-20 steps forward while holding this position, before turning and walking back to your starting point. Keep your knees low and your core tight throughout — taking very small steps with your legs and arms.

Have a go at the Inch Worm

Start this one in a standing position, before folding yourself at your hips — while keeping your legs straight. Then, when you’re folded in two, walk your hands out in front of you until you finish in a plank position. For an extra challenge, add a push up when you’re in plank position, before walking your hands back to your feet, and regaining your starting position.

Attempt a Wall Sit to work your lower body

This is the ultimate ‘time-under-tension’ exercise for your quads. Standing against a wall, with your back straight, slide your body down until you are an in a seated position — and your legs are at 90 degrees. Hold this position for 30-40 seconds. For an added challenge, raise your arms above your head.

Finish things off with a Long Jump

Now this is a great way to lift your heart rate. With your legs shoulder-width apart, perform a long jump — focusing on a soft landing to reduce the impact on your knees. Jog backwards to your starting position and repeat. For an extra challenge, add a burpee before you jog back!

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