Enjoy an all-inclusive rugby experience like no other this season, courtesy of Keith Prowse

Can't wait to get back into Twickenham Stadium? Just wait till you hear what hospitality provider Keith Prowse has in store...

When was the last time you went to Twickenham Stadium? Chances are, it was pre-pandemic — before face coverings came to dominate a crowded landscape, hand sanitiser became a staple of any gentleman’s briefcase and PCRs cemented their place in our daily conversations.

All those elements of our brave new world may still be a reality: but they no longer rule our lives. Because normal life has risen from the ashes to reclaim its place in society; and with it, sporting fixtures such as the home of England Rugby — otherwise known as Twickenham Stadium.

That’s right: Twickenham’s back; the rugby season as we know it is back; and to top it all off, the triumphant return of both this beloved stadium and the sport it houses is elevated by a very particular luxury hospitality experience, courtesy of Keith Prowse.

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If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll be familiar with Keith Prowse (and all it can offer) already. The sport and events hospitality provider was the exclusive official hospitality provider to The Championships, Wimbledon — cue more champagne, strawberries and exclusive proximity to the court action than you could throw a tennis ball at — and now, in its capacity as England Rugby Hospitality’s principal sales partner, it’s ready and waiting to offer you an all-inclusive rugby experience like no other this year.

Let’s not mince words, gents: you’ve earned this. You’ve earned an unforgettable experience at Twickenham Stadium; you’ve earned an utterly unrivalled match-day at the home of England Rugby; you’ve earned the right to treat yourself to a day out that you’ll never forget. The last eighteen months have taken their toll on all of us; and now that life is springing back to normal, it’s time to push the boat out, go for broke and indulge.

"The world's largest dedicated rugby union setting..."

And this indulgent day out — should you take our advice, which we very much hope you do — is thanks, of course, to Keith Prowse. It would be hard for a simple day out at Twickenham to be anything short of excellent, just in and of itself — it’s the world’s largest dedicated rugby union setting, after all, and a chance to see the world’s greatest rugby teams facing off against each other is only ever going to make a gentleman’s week — but when you throw Keith Prowse into the sporting mix, a excellent day out morphs into a holistic experience that you’ll be talking about every single time you watch a rugby match for many, many years to come.

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Think we’re exaggerating? You won’t when we tell you what Keith Prowse is offering at Twickenham this season: the British Airways Rose Garden, for one thing, which offers the be-all-and-end-all pre- and post-match party. With live music, handheld street food and a complimentary bar, it’s a six-hour all-inclusive event that seamlessly manages to evoke both an electric atmosphere with a relaxed, informal ambience. Just the thing for the rugby, really.

Then there are the dining experiences: find a comfortable seat and get the kettle brewing, because if you’re the culinary chap we know you are, you’re going to want to hear about each of these options in microscopic detail.

Let’s start with The Lock: a four-course fine dining experience from Michelin-star chef Tom Kerridge himself (who, presumably, needs no introduction). With premium spirits and champagne, together with a Q&A session with rugby legends, it’s a seven-hour all-inclusive experience that you’re guaranteed to remember for a long, long time.

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Alternatively, there’s The Gate: and this is a dining experience for the truly dedicated rugby fan. With a ‘chop house’ style restaurant and food and an all-inclusive bar, it offers some of the best seats in the entire stadium; together with the chance to socialise with rugby legends past. It’s a seven-hour all-inclusive experience; but as the old adage goes, time tends to fly when a rip-roaringly good time is being had.

If you’re seeking a more refined experience but can’t help assuming that ‘refined elegance’ and ‘England rugby’ make for a somewhat oxymoronic sentence: be prepared to eat your words, on account of The East Wing. Actually, be prepared to eat food of exceptional quality from a five-course menu, in a vastly spacious, achingly luxurious environment and accompanied by premium spirits and wine, champagne and cocktails. It’s another seven-hour all-inclusive day; and together with the opportunity to mingle with famous rugby legends, it’ll banish any misconceptions that suggest rugby and elegance can’t mix.

Bircan Tulga Photography

Bircan Tulga Photography

As if all those dining options weren’t enough to be getting on with: Keith Prowse is also behind the World Rugby Museum. It’s brand new for 2021, and offers interactive food stations with a three-course menu and premium drinks like Bollinger doing the rounds. You can chat away to those rugby heroes (they say ‘never meet your heroes’, but on this occasion we’d advise bending that rule) as you explore the museum’s exhibits and interactive zone — so be sure to make the most of those six and a half all-inclusive hours.

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As you’ve no doubt gathered, Keith Prowse knows what it’s doing. So much so, in fact, that where Covid is concerned, you can book with total confidence thanks to the money-back guarantee; and on the (slim) chance that any rugby international fixtures are cancelled, all bookings are fully, blessedly refundable.

Twickenham Stadium effortlessly conjures up an exhilarating atmosphere simply by playing host to the elite rugby teams who face off against each other within the Stadium’s vast walls. This season is likely to be as invigorating as ever, with ‘21 and ‘22 teams including Rugby World Champions South Africa, Wales, Tonga, Australia and Ireland; and with Keith Prowse’s all-inclusive experiences giving a glossy, culinary, luxury patina to what was already going to be an unforgettable day — well, such a Twickenham experience just can’t really be beaten.

So don’t try to beat it. Book that all-inclusive Keith Prowse experience, and cheer your team on with all that bottled up, locked-down energy. Like we said: you’ve earned it.

All-inclusive hospitality experiences start at just £299 PP + VAT

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