This is the body type women find most attractive

A nationwide survey asked women what male body parts they liked most - and the results might surprise you

That epic question that gentlemen around the world ask themselves to the point of exhaustion is this: will my body pass the test for womankind all over the world? Will it pass the test, and is it good enough? Millennial gentlemen have been hit particularly hard by the pressures of body image. The acquisition of a ‘gym body’ is no longer reserved for athletes, it has become a mainstream lifestyle. With clean living an increasingly fashionable rule to live by, gentlemen of our generation are under the greatest pressure ever to have the ‘ultimate’ and most desirable body.

But where does this leave those who do not have the time to engage in strenuous gym sessions and diet fads? Does this leave you consigned to the dustbin of female rejection for evermore? Thankfully things haven’t got that bad, as studies have shown women prefer a combination of physical features that are more DiCaprio with a burger than Dwayne Johnson.

Results taken from a nationwide survey should reassure gentlemen who are too busy for the gym, as they show that women may still fancy you anyway. So let’s take a look at the top physical features women like, and the resulting ‘ideal body’ that women want to see in men, the results may surprise and comfort you.

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Unsurprisingly, most women do prefer a taller man. Whether it’s because it makes them feel protected, safe, or more feminine, the answers to this question definitely lie in the mists of time, and likely inherited from our neolithic ancestors. A staggering 73% of women quizzed said they prefer a man 5′ 9″ or over, especially if they like to wear heels.

Gentleman's Journal, Advice, Dating, Women

Women tend to like men with broad shoulders, as this emphasises masculinity and strength, making them feel feminine by contrast. Again this is probably a hangover from our Stone-Age mating rituals, and its pulling power today is as strong as ever.

When ogling the men of their desires, 62% of women questioned answered that a ‘good bum’ is important in their man of choice. Those asked also stated that a middle ground was key, and preferable over something too bootylicious or too shapeless.

Gentleman's Journal, Advice, Women, Dating

If you were to put all the bodily features named by women in this survey into a man-making-machine, the Dad-Bod would come out. Gentlemen of the world, you have the golden man of Hollywood to thank for the increasing popularity of the Dad-Bod among women. Often seen sporting a softer physique during his down time from filming, and still surronded by stunning women, the DiCaprio effect has become a cultural trend of its own and women everywhere are loving it.

Gentleman's Journal, Advice, Women, Dating

In the survey women stated they would prefer a man with a Dad-bod over a gym beefcake, citing cuddliness and a lack of vanity amongst the reasons why. When dating a woman, stressing about what to eat and worrying about when you fit in your next gym session is not attractive. Although a Dad-Bod may not be the ideal body goal for most men, if you have one, you may as well flaunt it. So gentlemen, wear it with confidence, showcasing your enjoyment of the good life. After all, steamed broccoli and staying in does not a gentlemen make.

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