The jobs that increase your sex appeal

Yes, there are certain jobs that will always make you a hit with the ladies.

Ever wondered why you lie in bed alone at night? You go to the gym, buy the right clothes and look after yourself but the girls in the office still aren’t interested. I hate to break it you. It’s not the size of your biceps that’s the problem, it’s your job. Sex appeal may be a matter of taste but there are certain jobs that will always make you a hit with the ladies.

Criminal Barrister

Clever, confident and men of conviction, criminal barristers spend their lives striding from one courtroom to another to see justice done. Their intelligence and wit could have got them into the city but they’re hungry to make a difference, eschewing the trappings of the boardroom for the chance to protect those less fortunate than themselves. There’s nothing sexier than a man who believes in what he does and criminal barristers are idealists to the last, who live to see their clients get the fair trial they deserve.

Vine Yard Owner

All women love a craftsman, but a life of poverty won’t win many female admirers. But if you’ve made it big in the city and now spend your time crafting the mellifluous tones of grapes, poverty isn’t on the agenda. Propped up in a crumbling Burgundy chateau, sampling each vintage like their last, vineyard owners are adored by locals and often the toast of the town – women love a popular man.

Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund

As the guardian of the world’s economy, the financial markets are putty in your hands and you are a man of power and enormous responsibility – attractive qualities. Despite your influence, you remain relatively anonymous and seductively understated, you might be a tad geeky but, if Seth Cohen’s fan club is anything to go by, women love a bit of geek in a man.

Royal Marines Commando

When it comes to advice on how to steal a woman’s heart, making them feel safe is top of the list. The physical perfection, showcased in their recent charity calendar, their penchant for altruism and their sense of duty makes a Royal Marine a catch for any woman.


As creative visionaries, entrepreneurs single-handedly build companies with nothing but passion and an idea. Their intelligence and natural self-confidence mean that they ooze sexiness – they are so sexy, in fact, there is a ‘Sexy Entrepeneurs’ Facebook group dedicated to drooling over them. They might only sleep about 5 hours a night, but fuelled by their relentless energy, they always make time to take care of their woman.

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