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This is what happens when you let a magician handle jewellery

There’s a certain magic to jewellery. Be it a cufflink, ring or necklace, it encompasses something far deeper than just surface beauty – it can represent love, identification, rebellion or affiliation. It has the ability to captivate, in the same way that a card trick can. The collaboration between luxury fine jewellers Tessa Packard and magician Drummond Money-Coutts is therefore very fitting.

“Finding partnerships with people who are very much in our field or who we admire, like Drummond,” says Tessa, “makes exploration and the pushing of new boundaries a really natural step – that is what we’ve aimed to achieve with this video.”

“I’ve not really done something like this before with jewellery,” adds DMC, “but it works really well. It’s a very intimate style of magic, which I love more than anything.” After spending the afternoon behind the scenes, witnessing the beautiful synergy between jewellery and magic, we couldn’t wait to see the result.

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