crockett and jones inside shoe making factory northampton

06723 October 2020| 57 Min

Special Episode! Inside the Crockett & Jones factory

Crockett & Jones, Factory Tour

Today we’re taking a deep dive into a brand we’ve loved for a very long time — Crockett & Jones. You’ll know them as one of the first names in English shoemaking — they make beautiful handmade shoes in timeless styles, with true attention to detail and infectious enthusiasm.

So a couple of weeks ago we headed to their famous factory up in Northampton to meet the people behind the brand — from the pattern cutters, to the clickers, and the closers — and even several members of the Jones family themselves, who still run the business after more than 140 years.

If you’re interested in British craftsmanship, interested in entrepreneurship, interested in how a historic, family run business adapts itself to the modern day — or if you just quite like shoes — then we hope you’ll enjoy this episode.