These are the top ten most Instagrammed cars

From the small to the super, these are the most hashtagged cars on Instagram

Although you may think that a list of the most hashtagged cars on Instagram would read like a dream garage – of supercars and convertibles and muscle cars, the reality is much more varied. Yes, those high-end motors of course make an appearance, but you may find some of the entries surprising. Here, we run down the top ten, and discuss why these wheels made the cut.

Audi R8

When the R8 launched over ten years ago, people were blown away. Seen as the bigger, badder brother of the sedate TT, Audi’s mid-engine sports car was based on the Lamborghini Gallardo platform. It didn’t quite reach that price point, however, and allegedly this was the reason the 2-seater became so popular. Fun fact: It was also the first production car with LED headlamps – although this probably wasn’t the reason for the number of hashtags.

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VW Beetle

It’s one of the longest produced cars in history, first being made in 1938. But, as we know, Instagram wasn’t around until 2010, so all the tags the VW Beetle has racked up since then are on merit of its looks and enduring appeal alone. Striking, buggish and compact, when this iconic car drives past, it’ll never fail to make you smile – or, it seems, snap.

Mini Cooper

It’s a similar story here. The Mini Cooper has got to be one of the most iconic cars of the 20th Century. Tiny, endearing and stylish beyond compare, this is the Swinging Sixties in four-wheel form or, as the original advertising campaign dubbed it, ‘Wizardry on Wheels’. Whatever you call this very small and very British car, it has undoubtedly earned its place as one of the most popular cars in the world. Hell, Steve McQueen, Mick Jagger and even Enzo Ferrari all owned one.

Land Rover

An icon, a solid car and a solid inclusion on this list, the mighty Land Rover has been powering across roads and rough terrain alike for the thick end of a century. And, with Defenders, Discoveries and Freelanders among the range, it’s no surprise that they have trundled their way into the most hashtagged cars of all time – a feat that doesn’t look to waver anytime soon.

Ford Mustang

Be it the iconic and original 1962 version – popularised by Steve McQueen in Bullitt – or the rare successful remake that hit the roads in 2005, the Ford Mustang is American culture on wheels. Encompassing the beauty and brutishness that the funnest of cars all have beneath their bonnets, this is a car as iconic as the Stars and Stripes themselves – an opinion reflected in the vehicle’s Instagram presence.


From its wartime routes to the luxury avenue the brand has explored in later years, Jeep is one of those brands that has transcended its roots to become a general term for every four-wheel drive utility vehicle on – or off – the road. Instagram posts to use this hashtag are everything from museum displays of military vehicles to modern, tricked-out cruisers on the Las Vegas strip – a range showing just how broad Jeep’s appeal really is.

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Range Rover

Like Land Rover, but a little more highly-polished, Range Rover is one of the most prolifically-tagged car brands on Instagram. Winston Churchill even had one of the first Range Rovers, and got it delivered to him on his 80th birthday – but the more famous faces to drive these icons in the Instagram age, and pour fuel on the fire of their popularity, are the Beckhams and the Kardashians.

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Nissan GT-R

Ten years old this year, the GT-R is Instagram gold – a colour which many pimped-out versions of this car are resprayed in for ultimate impact. Outgrowing its Skyline roots, this 2-door was an immediate hit, and adopted by car buffs the world over. Multiple special editions – from the Black Edition to NISMO N-Attack – have been released, providing photographic fodder for the most prolific Instagrammer.

Porsche 911

The 911 came fifth in a 1999 poll for ‘International Car of the Century’ – a impressive feat, considering that the basic concept has remained little changed since the first 911 rolled off the production line in 1963. Designed and built in Stuttgart initially, the number of these cars across the world may account for how many hashtags it has racked up – in May of this year, the millionth 911 was built and sold.

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Ferrari California

With not even a decade under its Italian belt, the California’s presence on this list is mightily impressive. Ferraris aren’t exactly known for their conservative design – in fact, this is one of the more tame – but hashtaggers the world over seem to have been taken by the sleek style of the Italian automaker’s grand tourer. A pity – as 2018 will see the model shelved for the new Portofino.

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