Introducing The Club by Bamford, a new holistic wellness retreat in the English countryside

Melding harmoniously into a bucolic setting, this refined outpost takes a comprehensive approach to health

With a new year comes new resolutions – and the one likely taken by most is a wellness-focused promise to live healthier and cleaner for the next 12 months. Though a virtuous notion, the act of carrying out such a task can often be a painful, juice-cleansed affair that’s made all the harder during the extreme freeze of winter. For 2023, however, we at Gentleman’s Journal would suggest you make a beeline towards a new wellbeing hub that’ll soften the ardour that comes with self-improvement: The Club by Bamford.

Occupying 3,500 acres within the bucolic setting of Daylesford Farm, The Cotswolds, in the south of England, and spread across a bespoke property that melds harmoniously into the countryside, this refined outpost by sustainable-bodycare experts Bamford takes a holistic approach to wellbeing by dovetailing nature with health and fitness – here, you can work on your front crawl to the backdrop of orchards; go for a spin class in a studio; or simply refuel on seasonal fare while looking out on to the rolling land from where your produce was sourced. “It’s a place that’s very personalised: somewhere for you and your wellness, where you can do what suits you and make it what you want to be,” says founder Carole Bamford.

The soft, inviting tone is initially set with the materials used for both the property’s exteriors and its streamlined scheme within. Notably, a mix of recyclable steel, natural fleece insulation and Cotswold stone are pulled together to create a pared-down shell; and inside, stone, granite and marble create a refined look; furniture has been hand-crafted by local artisans who’ve drawn upon Daylesford Farm leather and oak; and handrails, finished by a local blacksmith, and Moroccan-style plastering create an elegant finish throughout.

Guest products, too, have been given a luxe treatment (cotton robes and towels, for example, are organic), and, in keeping in tune with nature, a sustainable approach is championed: most notably, 280 solar panels are placed on the roof, which will help facilitate areas such as the kitchen to be all-electric.

When it comes to getting the heart-rate racing, Bamford has curated a space that’ll help soften the toil. The Spartan Gym, flush with Technogym equipment, Stages smart bikes, and expansive windows that look out to the Cotswold’s lush fields, offers a state-of-the-art area in which to work on your strength and cardio, while experts in movement and nutrition will help develop bespoke programmes and experiences for individual guests.

Complementing the space are additional exercise facilities, as seen at the spin studio (with classes taking place either live or streamed on-screen); the outdoor training area that revolves around more raw, high-intensity strength-and-conditioning exercises, including tyre flipping, Olympic lifting, and rope climbing; and the biomass-boiler-heated 25-metre indoor pool. To take respite from it all, a warm plunge pool offers panoramic vistas of the surrounds.

For those looking for lower-octane, slower-paced sessions can enjoy the benefits of complimentary access to meditation, pilates and yoga classes at the Bamford Wellness Spa, which is also located on the farmstead. And to maximise your gains, reduce inflammation and alleviate any pains, a stately approach to recovery is also taken, running the gamut from the natural (steam rooms, ice baths, saunas) to the science-led (IV drips, red-light therapy).

To round-out the holistic spirit, a considered ethos towards food and nutrition pervades through The Nest, the premises’ social hub. Curated and conceived by leading nutritionists, the seasonal, farm-to-table menu will draw largely upon local, organic produce, all of which is served in an indoor setting or a sun-drenched open terrace that brings the diner closer to the source of their sustenance – a touch that allows members to be nourished, switch off, socialise with like-minded guests, and, ultimately, be eased into fulfilling those new-year health resolutions.

Membership for The Club starts from £3,500 per year and £325 per month. Register your interest here, and follow @bamfordtheclub on Instagram.

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