Mr Marvis springs its new trousers to life

From ‘The Mints’ to ‘The Milkshakes’, the Amsterdam-based brand’s playful, pastel new hues offer several bright new shades for the season…

Mark your calendars! Spring has sprung — finally, eventually, at long, long last. And ‘long’ is the word, because this seasonal surge in temperature has given us the chance to pull our magnificent Mr Marvis trousers back out of the wardrobe. These are the same trousers that stepped in to save last summer — slacks so breathable they bridge that very British gap between roasting heat and chilly springtime showers.

And, this year, there are even more reasons to spring for ‘The Longs’. Mr Marvis, the Amsterdam-based brand behind the stylish strides, has recently revealed four new colours for ‘The Longs’ — as well as additional shades for its slightly roomier, more casual-friendly ‘The Easies’ style. From ‘The Mints’ to ‘The Milkshakes’, these playful, pastel new hues will be perfect for spring, summer — and beyond. Check out the new range below…

The Mints are a refreshing burst of spring brightness

As any keen horticulturalist or herb-enthusiast will tell you, mint is as its full-flavoured freshest in spring. But you needn’t tell us — just take a look at ‘The Mints’ from Mr Marvis. One of the brand new colours available in both ‘The Longs’ and ‘The Easies’, this shade is as naturally cool as the leaves it’s named for.

It looks particularly good on ‘The Longs’, (priced £109). In a slim cut, and crafted from stretch fabric, Mr Marvis’ most formal trousers offer both softness and comfort to the wearer — making them ideal for long, fresh summer nights.

But this new mint green shade also works wonders with ‘The Easies’ (priced £99); slightly softer, stretchier trousers created using a sustainable knitted fabric that blends organic cotton, polyamide and elastane. That means they’re incredibly insensitive to wrinkles — making them the perfect plane trousers (if you’re lucky enough to jet off on a summer getaway this year…)

The Boulevards offer a breezy breath of fresh air

Speaking of continental, cosmopolitan escapes, what better colour trousers to stroll down European promenades and avenues than ‘The Boulevards’? Available exclusively in ‘The Longs’ style (although Mr Marvis also makes shorts in the colour) this mid-blue option pops like a springtime sky — and is just as breezy and breathable to wear.

That’s because everything about ‘The Longs’ is designed with the brand’s much-appreciated stretchiness in mind. There may be a little less elastic than in the waistband of ‘The Easies’, but ‘The Longs’ are still considerably more flexible than your usual chinos. And practical, too. With an extra back pocket sewn next to the design’s iconic ‘hidden pocket’, these trousers offer storage solutions that aren’t betrayed by their slimline cut.

The Wimbledons are bright, light — and oh-so white

What else was Mr Marvis going to call its all-white trousers? Dazzling and dapper, ‘The Wimbledons’ are perhaps our favourite new addition to the brand’s range this spring. Not only have they got us restringing our rackets ahead of the world-famous Grand Slam in June — but they’re also available in both ‘The Longs’ and ‘The Easies’ styles. That means you’ve got tennis-white whites to suit every occasion.

But that’s not all. Always determined to find the best fit for its customers, Mr Marvis offers both ‘The Longs’ and ‘The Easies’ in three different length sizes. Combine that with the elasticated waistband and you’ve got an extremely comfortable fit that doesn’t restrict movement. And combine that with the regular rise design, and you’ve got the perfect partnership of style and sophistication. It’s a win-win-win — and that’s a victory worthy of Centre Court.

The Milkshakes will tickle you pink

We can hardly wait for the sun-soaked fun of summer — and nothing spells relaxation and recreation like the pale pink punch of ‘The Milkshakes’. Another colour available in both ‘The Longs’ andThe Easies’ designs, this new addition to the Mr Marvis palette is perhaps the most joyful yet. Just look at them. One part ice cream, one part summer sophistication; best served shaken and strained over a South European beach break.

And that would be a fitting place to show off ‘The Milkshakes’, as Mr Marvis’ trousers are all handmade in Portugal by skilled and experienced artisans. They’re a talented bunch of tailors down there — who have even embroidered on the brand’s suave octagon emblem (stitched tone-in-tone next to the right back pocket) as a professional stamp of quality.

The Avenues are the casual, carefree solution to spring

Of course, if you don’t want to play ball with ‘The Wimbledons’ or explore the mid-blue of ‘The Boulevards’, there are other stylish streets to stroll down. Because ‘The Avenues’ — a light, bright, pastel-blue hue Mr Marvis has also introduced for 2021 — offer an even breezier spin on the already-carefree ‘The Easies’.

This casual cut was developed by the brand as ‘the perfect sweatpants’. And, with the partly elasticated waistband ensuring a relaxed fit, they’ve come pretty close. Especially inspired is the choice not to cuff the ankles — which means you can wear ‘The Easies’ everywhere from a summer garden party to a business meeting. How good does that sound?

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