Mr Marvis plays it cool with two new winter trousers

The Amsterdam-based brand has introduced ‘The Flannels’ and ‘The Coolerdays’ to combat the cold this winter…

For the last few years, we’ve built our signature summery styles around the shorts of Mr Marvis. The Amsterdam-based brand has mastered warm-weather dressing; stuffing our wardrobes with pair-upon-pair of stylish, sustainable shorts (and trimly-tailored, breathable summer trousers). They’re functional, they’re fashionable and they’re affordable enough that you can snap up the whole range without breaking the bank.

The one problem? There was never a pair of trousers snug enough to see us through the winter months. That is, until now. This year, Mr Marvis has turned up the heat and stepped out some brand new strides; trousers toasty enough to combat even the coldest of spells. The two new designs bring the brand’s grand total of styles to 12 — and ‘The Flannels’ and ‘The Coolerdays’ are perhaps the best Mr Marvis trousers yet.

“You can now look and feel marvellous all-year-round!” says brand co-founder and chief production officer Aafke Tuin, who adds that until now, the Mr Marvis collection “did not include a pair of trousers that you could wear when the outside temperature dropped below 15°C”. We asked Tuin to introduce her brand’s two new styles, and asked: what makes them such worthy additions to our winter wardrobes?

First up, ‘The Coolerdays’ (£109). Cut from comfortable fabric, the first new seasonal style from Mr Marvis does exactly what it says on the cotton-twill tin. “We added three percent elastane to give the trousers a bit of stretch, for enhanced comfort,” says Tuin. “And this fabric is 40 percent heavier than ‘The Longs’ — our perfect chino for spring and summer. As a result, this makes ‘The Coolerdays’ great for colder months”.

It certainly does. With herringbone detailing and the brand’s signature dark metal ‘M’ emblem stitched by the back pocket, ‘The Coolerdays’ are heavy, high-quality designs stitched into being by experienced artisans in Portugal. And there’s no need to fret over fit; like ‘The Longs’ you should already have hanging in your wardrobe, this new style features a regular rise and slim cut. “After all,” Tuin tells us, “if the fit was already perfect, then why change it?”.

Similarly, the brand’s whimsical naming process also continues into these new collections. A hallmark of the Mr Marvis marque, each distinct colour option has its own distinctive name — from ‘The Fairways’ to ‘The Mavericks’ to (our cappuccino-flavoured favourite) ‘The Baristas’. But where do these eccentric, eclectic names come from?

“Usually, one of the founders comes up with the colour name,” reveals Tuin. “And, most of the time, we are inspired by an icon we like. For example, the light grey of ‘The Gullwings’ colourway is named after the famous Mercedes car. And ‘The Newmans’ shade of mid-grey is named after the legendary actor Paul Newman. Every colour has its own story to tell.”

And it’s a story, perhaps most importantly, of sustainability. Mr Marvis has been a pioneer of environmentally-friendly production since the brand began, and its eco-credentials are woven into every single pair of trousers it stitches together. ‘The Coolerdays’ are no exception; the exceedingly soft cotton-twill used to create each pair is GOTS-certified.

“It’s the leading certification for organic cotton textiles,” explains Tuin. “And sourcing the right products is a crucial step in our journey towards a more sustainable industry. By using GOTS-certified fabrics, we know that the product we use meets the highest standards of organic textiles. And it goes without saying that this is very important for us.”

It’s a level of conservational commitment sustained across the whole range. The second new seasonal style of Mr Marvis trousers, ‘The Flannels’ (£119), are cut from 98 percent organic cotton, softly woven — and have a slight milled, raised look to trap warmth during winter.

It’s a particularly premium look for Mr Marvis’ latest. ‘The Flannels’ are trousers that will walk as confidently into a suited-and-booted boardroom as they will roaming the forests seen here. And they’re packed with subtle, innovative touches to make them as practical as possible. A hidden, zippered pocket on the right is perfect for protecting valuables. Those two outward facing front pleats add much-needed mobility. There’s even a magnet sewn-in to keep your back pockets securely sealed. 

“Well spotted!” says Tuin. “For ‘The Flannels’, we indeed use a magnetic closing instead of our usual velcro. This is to protect the fine flannel fabric and to keep the trousers looking marvellous”.

‘The Flannels’ also wear those playful colour names — with ‘The Oysters’ and ‘The Cosmics’ getting the brushed cotton treatment. Add in ‘The Storms’ and ‘The Antarctics’ (one of ‘The Coolerdays’ frosty colours), and you’ve got a true statement of winter weather-beating intent from Mr Marvis. 

“And our customers can always come back for more, no matter the season,” says Tuin. “Because, thanks to the elasticated waistband and stretch cotton fabric, our trousers truly fit like a glove. And that timeless design never changes. So, whether you’re pairing your trousers with a jumper or a nice shirt, you’ll look sharp either way.”

Mr Marvis plays it cool with two new winter trousers

The Coolerdays ‘The Fairways’


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Mr Marvis plays it cool with two new winter trousers

The Flannels ‘The Cosmics’


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Mr Marvis plays it cool with two new winter trousers

The Coolerdays ‘The Storms’


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