This Mini Cooper Sport 500 is a small wonder

As one of the last models produced of Sir Alec Issigonis’ iconic design, this modern classic is a love letter to one of the most important cars in history

You know what they say about good things; they come in small, bright red, 4-speed, 1200cc packages. And nowhere is that miniature maxim better embodied than atop the four wheels of this Mini Cooper Sport 500.

With a staggeringly low 470 miles to its name, this particular model was the final send-off of the iconic Sir Alec Issigonis design — the last classic Minis rolled off the production line in October 2000. And what a last little hoorah it is.

This Mini Cooper Sport 500 is a small wonder
The last Mini was produced in October 2000

The car was a reflection on the Mini’s storied automotive life. It retained the classic shape, style and character of the ’60s original, while incorporating the safety and relative luxury of later models. Also offered in Tahiti Blue and British Racing Green, this car from 4 Star Classics was the jewel in the crown of the range — in striking Solar Red.

The Mini has Platinum Silver bonnet stripes and pinstripes and 13-inch alloy wheels (that’s about the size of a dinner plate). The front is adorned with the beautifully practical driving and fog lamps, and a large bore chrome tailpipe finisher ensures that the car’s looks live up to its ‘Sport’ name.

Inside, the Mini feels equally exclusive. Full leather upholstery crafted from the best hides adds a touch of class, and the leather steering wheel is a lovely touch. The original Mini cassette radio adds a retro flavour to the cabin, while the remote central locking is a welcome hint of modern mechanical ease.

This Mini Cooper Sport 500 is a small wonder
A commemorative plaque in the glove compartment celebrates this final Mini

Under the bonnet, it’s not a car that’ll be blowing you away — a top speed of 90 mph and 0 – 60 time of over 12 seconds do not a supercar make — but that hardly matters. For, even if you’re having the worst morning of your life, once you step into your garage and see this bright red, retro-looking little car sitting there, it will — without doubt — bring a smile to your face.

This Mini Cooper Sport 500 is a small wonder

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