Longines launch their most precise quartz watch yet

The Conquest V.H.P - Very High Precision - does exactly what it says on the tin

Longines, unlike some watchmakers, have never shied away from quartz movements. Instead, their almost-200 year history is peppered with the precious stone – from a 1954 quartz clock used to break precision records at the Neuchâtel Observatory, to the first ever quartz wristwatch to be mass-produced; 1969’s Ultra-Quartz.

Today, Longines is as committed to quartz innovation as ever – and a new iteration of 1984’s landmark Conquest V.H.P stands as testament to their commitment to quartz.

Longines launch their most precise quartz watch yet

Equipped with a movement developed by the ETA manufacturing company exclusively for Longines, the Conquest V.H.P – which stands for ‘Very High Precision’ – is accurate to +/- 5 seconds a year.

But, with over three decades between this iteration of the V.H.P and Longines’ original, there are more advancements hidden within the case than this super-specific movement. As an extension of this historic milestone, the latest piece in the collection also boasts the ability to reset its hands after an impact or exposure to a magnetic field.

Using its internal GPD – Gear Position Detection – system, magnets on phone cases or briefcases will no longer be an issue. Similarly, passing through airport security won’t risk your wristwatch, and it will be protected from everyday bashes, knocks and falls.

Longines launch their most precise quartz watch yet

Coupled with a long battery life and perpetual calendar function, the V.H.P is an exceptional timepiece, bringing together both high technicality and dynamic aesthetics. At the launch of the V.H.P, CEO of Longines Walter von Känel was keen to stress how his company were steering clear of connected watches.

‘This is not what we’re trying to do,’ said the CEO. ‘Connected watches are not part of our current plan, and we’d rather focus on developing the best – and most reliable – quartz watch on the market.’

Longines launch their most precise quartz watch yet

But, whilst not connected, the watches are intelligent. All variations of the steel V.H.Ps – available in 3 hands/calendar (41 and 43 mm diameter cases) and chronograph (42 and 44 mm diameter cases) versions – are controlled using an intelligent crown, and a multiple-level end of life indicator will let the wearer know when they need to change the battery.

With blue, carbon, silvered and black dials to choose from, the Conquest V.H.P is, undoubtedly, the best quartz piece on the market in 2017.

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