Could CBD oil be the key to improving your focus?

It’s the latest trend in a bottle, and its pain-dulling, stress-relieving benefits are well-documented. But could this oil also help up your productivity?

CBD: three little letters making big promises. It’ll relieve your pain! It’ll clear up your skin! It’ll prevent diabetes, cancer and a whole host of other disorders and diseases!

Will it now? The truth is that many of these alleged benefits are simply savvy advertising spiel, spun by salespeople trying to push this new purported ‘wonder substance’. But, if you’re looking for a cure-all to take the January blues away, CBD — an abbreviation of ‘Cannabidiol’ — is not it.

That’s not to say that it’s useless. In fact, there is one benefit to using CBD that could prove invaluable to the modern man — and that is its propensity to improve your focus. Because (here comes the science), this compound — one of 104 cannabinoids found in marijuana — allows more serotonin to flow to the brain, which in turn mildly sedates the receptor associated with anxiety, addiction and sleep.

In short, CBD can make you more alert, less distracted and sharpen your mind — and who amongst us couldn’t do with a touch more focus in our lives? So, to help you zero in on this one real benefit of CBD, we’ve rounded up the best ways to introduce it into your day-to-day routine.

Keep it uncomplicated with a simple oil and dropper

The easiest – and most effective – way to ingest CBD is through the oil. A couple of drops on the tongue, and you’ll start feeling the benefits almost immediately. Many clinic trials have found good evidence to show that CBD will help you curb the levels of cortisol — a chronically detrimental stress hormone — in your body, and a simple dropper is a quick fix should you need to calm down and focus on the go.

Try Minor Figures’ offering, CBD blended with coconut oil that the brand suggests you take after a hot cup of coffee — giving you a one-two punch of caffeine and cannabinoid. Or Vitality CBD could help; with their Vitamin A-infused offering that will maintain your iron metabolism and keep your vision clear. Alternatively, Aver are a new CBD lifestyle brand you can trust to incorporate the winning benefits of this compound into your everyday life. Formulated to give you a little lift to keep you centred and clear during turbulent moments, the brand’s Boost Oil is slickly designed, endlessly effective — and perfect for the office drawer.

Could CBD oil be the key to improving your focus?

Vitality CBD Active: Focus Drops


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Quench your thirst with a CBD-infused drink

The thought of dropping oil onto your tongue may seem a little alien to you, and that may have put you off trying CBD so far. But with such a wide range of CBD alternatives now hitting the market, you’re bound to find a way to consume the substance that works for you. The simplest among these? CBD-infused drinks.

This cucumber-flavoured CBD water from Endo Water is sugar-free, PH-balanced and contains 10 milligrams of CBD per bottle. Botanic Lab’s CBD Botanical Tea proved so popular that it’s currently sold out — but will be restocking soon. And Green Monkey is a new breed of soda, that comes in packs of six and promises to change your life with the hiss of a ring-pull.

Could CBD oil be the key to improving your focus?

Botanic Lab Dutch Courage


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Find an alternative way to enjoy CBD

We may be touting CBD as a way to sharpen up, but some ways to ingest the substance offer the gold standard of procrastination. Nevertheless, despite everything from CBD crystals to a CBD cheeseburger springing up around the world, some of these alternative products will slip into your life seamlessly, giving saving you time and helping you streamline your day.

From Rain, this ‘Cloud’ CBD pen is a super-clean, all-natural option — containing a 40% measure of broad-spectrum CBD and a carefully tailored blend of organically-occurring compounds. The London Botanists CBD syrup is sweet, light and can be added to your existing breakfast to keep your concentration up for the rest of the day. Vital Leaf’s handcrafted, artisanal Roasted Oregon Hazelnut & Alder Smoked Sea Salt CBD Dark Chocolate Bar is another way to indulge in your daily dose of vitality.

Could CBD oil be the key to improving your focus?

The London Botanists CBD Syrup


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Could CBD oil be the key to improving your focus?

Vital Leaf Hazelnut & Sea Salt CBD Chocolate


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