How to get whiter teeth

Feeling like you need to lighten up a couple of shades? Let there be white…

A ‘handsome smile’ frequently sits near, or at the top of top physical attributes women look for in men. So, if every time you crack a smile, you bare crooked, off-coloured teeth, you’re immediately on the back foot. But how can you get whiter teeth? From the foods you should avoid to the products you should use, we take a look at how to brighten your smile.

Eat the right foods

Red wine and coffee are notorious for staining your teeth, but there are other foods you should be steering clear of as well. Lemons, limes and tomatoes are likely to give your teeth a yellowish tinge as they erode your enamel with their acidity and expose the yellow dentin beneath. And, if you’ve swapped out your coffee for tea, that could also be doing just as much damage as a cup of joe – with the tannins guilty of staining.

Blueberries, blackberries and pomegranates, whilst full of helpful anti-oxidants, are also to be avoided – given the staining pigmentation also found in red wine. Instead, opt for foods that can lighten your smile – such as bromelain-heavy pineapple, strawberries – which contain high levels of magic malic acid, and surprisingly cheese.

Brush after eating

It may seem like a pain, but brushing every time you eat can slash the chances of your teeth becoming discoloured. Dislodging any pesky leftover food will stop your mouth’s pH level fluctuating, and this will stop cavities developing, your enamel eroding and all the unattractive yellowness that comes with this. Invest in a good toothbrush – but nothing too hard, as this will erode the enamel too.

Trust in charcoal

Try a whitening toothpaste

If you don’t fancy brushing with charcoal, there are plenty more whitening toothpastes on the market. Some make use of natural enzymes to help dissolve stains, whilst others employ micro-particles to polish teeth back to their natural whiteness. Xylitol is also included in many of these products – the naturally occurring substance which inhibits bacterial plaque forming – and the subsequent acid attacks.

Invest in a mouthwash

It’s not all about brushing. Some strong mouthwashes will clean the mouth of particles that could cause decay or discolouration, and many even include substances such as powerful essential oils that will penetrate and reduce plaque bacteria to clean the tooth surface, or fluoride that both remineralises and strengthens your teeth.

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