Cocktail of the Week: The ‘Smoke Signal’ Negroni

A smouldering signature from one of Park Lane’s finest hotels, this twist on the traditional Negroni is infused with mezcal, whisky and coffee liqueur…

As any avid reader of Gentleman’s Journal will know, we’ve never been particularly passionate about the Negroni. Since our first sip, the Campari-based cocktail has always seemed a bit of a ruse; a not-very-nice drink that many men feel like they should be seen drinking. It’s an artful deception; a spirited sleight of hand that’ll use up any excess vermouth from behind the bar.

Thankfully, we’ve finally found a Negroni to turn our tastebuds — and it’s a cocktail that totally, theatrically and literally leans into this ‘smoke and mirrors’ act. The ‘Smoke Signal’ Negroni is a marvellous show of mixology; a stagy serve with a smouldering finish — and one whipped up by Ivan Arena, the hugely talented bar manager in the Amaranto Bar at Four Seasons London Park Lane.

Across the capital, Arena’s name has become synonymous with great cocktails — and this signature invention will charm even the most Negroni-averse drinker. Trust us, we’d know. It’s also the centrepiece of ‘The Negroni Experience’, a showcase of the classic cocktail driven by Arena’s personal artistry and customisation, which features an Instagrammable ‘Negroni trolley’ housed in a vintage suitcase.

But this, the ‘Smoke Signal’ Negroni, is the apogee of the offerings; a heady, bright red blend of bitters, coffee liqueur, cherry wine and whisky. Add to that the classic Campari — and the non-classic mezcal — and you’ve got a fresh, intoxicating twist on the traditional, wince-inducing drink. Of course, it may prove tricky to inflame the cocktail’s smoke-show of a serving suggestion at home, but this one’s worth it even without the spectacle…

How to make the The ‘Smoke Signal’ Negroni


  • 30ml Ilegal Mezcal
  • 30ml Bitter Campari
  • 15ml Visciolata del Cardinale (Cherry Wine)
  • 10ml Kahlua (Coffee Liqueur)
  • 5ml Laphroaig Whisky
  • 3 drops Angostura Bitters


  1. Fill a mixing glass with ice
  2. Add the mezcal, whisky and Campari
  3. Pour in the Kahlua and cherry wine
  4. Stir thoroughly until combined
  5. Strain the drink into an Old Fashioned glass
  6. Garnish with dried orange and an Amarena cherry
  7. If possible, serve under a glass cloche with smoke

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