The best fitness fashion of 2017

How to look stylish while you're breaking a sweat

Boxing ring photo shot by Josh Shinner for Gentleman's Journal

Until a couple of years ago, looking stylish while you worked out was never really a priority. It was more appropriate to go to the gym in a food-stained sweater rather than a breath-easy, heat-tech, stay-dry (very expensive) piece of kit. Now, dressing well for the gym is deemed just as important as dressing well for work – whether it’s because people have become more vain or because more people are actually lugging themselves to the gym.


Obviously your choice of footwear depends heavily on the type of activity you’re going to be doing. Running, for example, requires a stronger and sturdier shoe than free weights and spinning needs something else altogether. If you’re new to the gym or looking to revamp a standard gym shoe, try one of the below: they’re as functional as they are stylish and will turn heads, no matter where you take then.


Working out in unnecessary clothing is only going to hinder your performance, and come the summer months you’ll want to leave your tracksuits or leggings at home. Picking the perfect pair of shorts is essential; no one needs to see too much thigh and equally you need to remember that you’re not, in fact, a professional basketball player and therefore they should never come below the knee. Get it right…


The new season means longer days, which equal the perfect excuse to get outside to get your daily workout in. Early morning and late evenings can see a drop in temperature, so make sure that you’ve got the right kit to hand so that nothing can get in the way of you and your fitness goals.


Having (and keeping) your core temperature perfect is essential for a decent workout, so investing in the right technical kit is imperative if you want to keep smashing your fitness goals. Wearing technical kit might seem like an unnecessary expense, but it will prove to serve you (and your workouts) a lot better than an old t-shirt that you’ve been stashing away for years.

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