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5 signs your boss hates you

5 signs the most important person in your office hates you

5 signs your boss hates you

On average, we are you going to spend a solid 30-40 years in a full-time job. And while you might view your work as simply a reason to pay the bills, if you’re spending the majority of your life there, you surely want to be liked. Your boss might have employed you, but that doesn’t mean that he/she has to like you. Here are the tell-tale signs that your boss has taken a severe disliking to you – and how you can fix it.

They avoid face-to-face contact

If it’s a rarity that you get a face-to-face answer on anything from your boss, and that the only contact you ever have is via email or worse, text, they probably don’t like you. Solve this by showing them that you are, in fact, worth the time of day: sit next to them at work drinks or try and make small talk in the queue at the coffee shop. Gradually building up a repertoire of small talk might make them see you in a different light.

quote If the only contact you ever have is via email or worse, text, they probably don't like you quote

You're the only person they micro-manage

If your boss leaves everyone else to their jobs but is constantly breathing down your neck and checking on what you’re doing, they probably don’t trust you, which means they don’t like you. If you’ve noticed this as a recurring pattern, suggest a meeting and then gently ask if you can prove yourself with an upcoming project. Nail it, and it’s less likely that you’re going to be micro-managed in the future.

You're given jobs below your skill set

If your boss or line manager is giving you jobs way below your skill-set, it’s another sign that they don’t like or trust you, that they only think you’re capable of very simple, menial work. The way to solve this is using your initiative: prove to them that you can handle bigger tasks and that you can succeed with them and it can only be uphill from there.

They take little to no interest in you

If your boss ignores you every morning when you come in and every evening when you leave, and takes absolutely no interest when you come back from weekends away or holidays, they probably don’t like you. Solve this by making a point of always saying ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ and always asking how their weekend was. Kill ’em with kindness…

They never give you any feedback

A boss who cares about your future at the company and your personal career with provide you with feedback, good or bad. So if you’re not getting anything, your boss isn’t invested in you and clearly doesn’t care. The way to change this is to ask for it. That way, they can’t avoid you and will be forced to give you some type of feedback.

H/T: Business Insider

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