5 Of The Rarest Cigars on the Market

With the thousands of combinations of wrappers, strengths, lengths and gauges, you’d be hard pushed to find a cigar that didn’t suit your palate. This, however, makes compiling a list of some of the best a rather tricky task, so we thought we’d leave that decision to your personal tastes, and instead tell you a little bit about some of the rarest on the market. So sit back, close your eyes and transport yourself away from the struggles of Friday morning and into the vibrance of Havana instead. Picture the scene – a hazy Caribbean sunset is setting over the city, Buena Vista Social Club playing through an old record player, in one hand a single malt scotch, and in the other, a fine cigar. What could better?

Here are our top 5 of the rarest cigars…


Cohiba Behike - TGJ.01

The Cohiba brand is synonymous with exceptional quality, famous the world over as one Cuba’s finest exports and the limited edition Behike is one of their absolute finest. The Behike is one of Cohiba’s most exclusive lines and represents the highest grade of cigar in production in Cuba today.


Cigars Final - TGJ

This rare cigar is released every year with the year of the vintage. La Aurora Puro Vintage features tobaccos that were all grown in said year. Because of the rarity of the tobaccos, only one size is made (a Salomon) and production is limited to just 1,000 boxes of 8 cigars.


Cigars - TGJ.03

Usually only made to order, the company only produce around 30 of these beautiful cigars a day. Wrapped using gold foil with the name of the client that ordered it, because well, why not! The recipe is based on the original 200 year-old aristocratic formula from when the Danish West Indies were part of the Kingdom of Denmark and the King’s ships brought back tobacco from Caribbean to the Royalty.


Cigars - TGJ.05

The Davidoff name oozes respect due to its history of top quality production. The Millennium Blend is a strong cigar that offers a full, palate-pleasing opportunity to enjoy hints of espresso, roasted nuts and cedar.


Cigar - TGJ.04

This collection really is one of the rarest on the market. Its length is 9.2 inches while its ring size is 43 inches. The Arturo Fuente Opus “A” is sold as a single stick at selected cigar shops worldwide. These contain some of the best ingredients, growing practices, and craftsmanship available.

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